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Don't Overlook Fancy Shaped Diamonds


Round, brilliant diamonds are the most popular cut for engagement rings worldwide. They are also more expensive than the multitude of other cuts on the market. As a company which has been in the industry for a long time, we have heard all of the excuses as to why fancy shaped diamonds (FSDs) aren't true quality diamonds. So we delved into the real issue of the matter, the cut, and devised a way to acquire the best FSDs on the market. 


We are pleased to say that the Holloway Diamond inspection guidelines have allowed us to come into possession of the highest-quality FSDs on the market. How do we do it? 

The Ideal-Scope. Our unique Ideal-Scope cut grading tool, created by Garry Holloway himself, has enabled Holloway Diamonds to identify the true diamond in the rough. The Ideal-Scope remedies subpar reflective qualities of lesser-quality diamonds. This tool has caused 95% of diamonds presented for purchase to Holloway to fail inspection. The Ideal-Scope identifies areas of light leakage, partial light return and asymmetry, or to put it simply, it identifies these vulnerable spots on a more detailed scale than the jewelry industry has ever seen. 


Besides increasing the quality of our FSDs, we have another reason for the extensive acceptance process of every Holloway Diamond. We were simply tired of unscrupulous and uneducated cutters creating lesser cuts because of the lack of an objective cut grade system for FSDs. The lack of a system coupled with a significant number of cutters chasing more expensive magic weights like 1.00 carat has allowed the market to be flooded with fancy shaped diamonds with a lower light performance.  


Many of the best cut, fancy shaped diamonds have a greater surface area than round brilliant diamonds, yet poor cutting allowed FSDs to have a lower reflective quality than we were comfortable with.  


We were deeply concerned with a diamond's cut because our customers were increasingly inquiring about fancy cuts. The pressing need to balance his customers' wants without compromising diamond quality led him to participate in an international collaboration known as the Cut Group. The Cut Group has created a superior cutting method to enable a diamond to burn richer beyond the diamond's grade. The dedication to quality has not wavered and we only keep four diamond grades in our inventory with superior cuts. 

We have learned that FSDs should not be ignored or viewed as subpar to round brilliant diamonds when compared to what customers receive for their money. We advise jewelers and retailers to be more selective with their FSDs. The market is pushing fancy cut diamonds into the limelight and they are closing in on the round diamond's popularity. Attention and selectivity to cut detail makes a large difference in the quality of a fancy shaped diamond, but it is worth it in the end. 


**Some Holloway FSDs which may interest you are, marquise, princess, oval, emerald, pear, asscher, and cushion cuts***  

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