Garry Holloway left a career in geology and founded Holloway Diamonds (formerly Precious Metals). In 1976 his passion for diamonds and the way they are cut began. In 1984 he studied the Fire Scope(tm) as part of his thesis in the Gemmological Association of Australia's Diamond Diploma. This led to a long and passionate interest in the cut of diamonds.

After the publication of the GIA's 'brilliance' report in 1998 this passion became a crusade to improve the cut quality of all diamonds.

Garry developed the Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) online cut grading system in 2000 which was granted a US patent in 2007. GIA developed its cut grading system 4 years later on the same basis. In 2001 he invented and began selling the portable Ideal-Scope and in 2005 he made the hand held ASET scope for the American Gem Society which is a tool used for grading the cut quality of fancy shaped (non round) diamonds. HCA has been used by the public and trade to grade the cut quality of billions of dollars of diamonds.

Garry has worked as part of the R&D 'Cut Group' which includes industry leaders and innovators Mr. Sergey Sivovolenko, Dr. Yuri Shelementiev, and Mr. Janak Mistry. Garry was the Australian and NZ agents for Sarine Technologies until he began representing new and competing technologies of OctoNus and DiamCalc. He works with leading diamond cutters as a consultant and this facilitates the 'outshine' factor of Holloway Diamonds and also better prices.


Garry Holloway
FGAA, DipDT, JAA Appraiser