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Robert Procop – Sapphire Bracelet

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From the Robert Procop Collection, this is an amazing geometric design with pink sapphires, rubies, and diamonds set in rose gold.

The Robert Procop Collection is exclusive to Holloway Diamonds. Please note that many of his pieces are “one-offs”, we have worked with Robert to design pieces for our collectors based on previous designs.

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Type of stone


HCA | Ideal–Scope | ASET

All Holloway diamonds above 0.70ct are GIA certified. All diamonds we sell, including the small ones, in addition to a GIA cert also pass the HCA and Ideal-Scope test.

  • HCA – Determines the diamond cut quality, potential to sparkle and its size relative to an average diamond of the same carat weight.
  • Ideal-Scope – Determines diamond light leakage.
  • ASET – Determines fancy shape diamond light leakage.

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