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Exclusive to Holloway Diamonds

Robert Procop

Jeweller to Royalty, Presidents and stars


Robert Procop is considered one of the world’s premier gem experts and master designers, creating some of today’s finest jewels.

Robert has had the distinction of serving several US Presidents, HMH Queen Elizabeth, as well as other notable Royals around the globe. He was also entrusted with the redesign of the famous Marie Antoinette Necklace and the Royal Crown Jewels.

Robert continues to curate and collaborate with renowned museums to create today’s most extraordinary exhibitions, The Smithsonian and The Natural History Museum being among them. His collaboration with The Smithsonian highlights Robert’s collection of rare gems including a 120ct. Mozambique Ruby. The latest exhibit, at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County, featured a collection that Robert curated of the world’s finest gems, called Brilliance, The Art & Science of Rare Jewels.

Additionally, Sir Ian Balfour has bestowed Robert with the honor of writing the next iteration of the renowned book, Famous Diamonds.

From the Mine to the Collector

Robert Procop travels to Colombia to personally meet with the miners, venturing into the mines to buy direct, and examining every gemstone before it is purchased. He has been taught the art of faceting these magnificent gemstones by Adolpho Argotty, the master cutter of emeralds in Colombia.

Robert searches for rare and fine ruby from legitimate and ethical sources. All these gem quality jewels are natural, unheated gems.

Rare sapphires are sourced directly from the mines of Sri Lanka, Burma, Africa, and Mozambique. They are found in a rainbow of fascinating colors, ranging from violet to sunset orange.

An estimated 94% to 97% of all sapphires are heat treated. Out of the small percentage of sapphires that remain unheated, Robert uses only the finest color and clarity.

Colour Grading

The gem undergoes extensive in-house laboratory color testing using eight different light sources. Multifunctional instruments are used to study every gem from initial color grading to clarity.

Gem clarity is examined under finely calibrated equipment before being sent to an external, highly respected laboratory for grading and certification.

Both rubies and sapphires are part of the corundum family, possessing the same mineral composition but occurring in different colors. Ruby is the red spectrum of corundum and any other color is considered sapphire. The most popular color of sapphire is blue.

Only gem quality, natural, untreated sapphires and rubies are used in the collections. These gems are always of the finest saturation of color, clarity and brilliance.

Designing for an Exceptional Gem

After each stone returns from the laboratory from certification, the gem is studied to determine the light, tones of color, brilliance, and shape that form its unique personality. This personality inspires the initial design and a beginning concept is hand sketched to paper.

From drafting the initial sketch, the designs are refined and calibrated to the finest details.

Robert Procop has curated a group of master artisans who have expertly hand crafted magnificent sculptural jewels of the finest materials and workmanship.