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Exclusive to Holloway Diamonds

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Exclusive to Holloway Diamonds

American Glamour

From the subtle influences of Frank Sinatra playing the Fontainebleau to the romantic “Because I Love You” stories of Elizabeth Taylor, the American Jewels have been romanced through these admired ideals and love stories, arriving at the timeless elegance of today’s glamorous awards ceremonies.

De La Vie

This collection radiates brilliance and excitement with an array of colors and shapes. Just as gentle raindrops give life and color to the earth below, these De La Vie gemstones give color and exuberance to every piece they surround. A bezel setting allows the gems to become a kaleidoscopic centerpiece. With a multitude of shapes and accents, this collection embodies life with its magnificent inspirational colors.

Queen of Diamonds

It was believed be the ancient Greeks that diamonds were broken pieces of stars that had fallen to the earth, having magical and protective properties. In recent centuries, Those diamonds have become a symbol of everlasting beauty, something that cannot be broken or destroyed. In a simple word, timeless.

The Parisian Collection

The 1925 International Exposition of the Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris introduced the world to a new aesthetic. Inspired by Egyptian and Aztec forms, art deco became the culmination of the modern Parisian style of the ‘20s. Over the last century, artisans have revitalized the styles of this Art Deco period adding further color and modernism to their inspirations.

The Masterpiece Collection

he Masterpiece Collection is our supreme artistic achievement. It combines the artistry of design with the extraordinary skills of our multi-talented master craftsmen.

This collection reflects our continuing effort to make every piece unique and our passion to create jewels that collectors will treasure as the true masterpiece that they are.


A special collection, inspired by the sense of a woman capturing her own strength, these cylindrical gems are though to enhance her power like mystical kryptonite, holding the men she loves in her life powerless to her feminine virtue.