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Exclusive to Holloway Diamonds

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Exclusive to Holloway Diamonds

The Masterpiece Collection

The Masterpiece Collection is our supreme artistic achievement. It combines the artistry of design with the extraordinary skills of our multi-talented master craftsmen.

This collection reflects our continuing effort to make every piece unique and our passion to create jewels that collectors will treasure as the true masterpiece that they are.

We are proud of the reputation we have acquired for creating a magnificent canvas of multi-color, natural gems. In our search for the most brilliant colored stones, we have cut and calibrated each facet to shine in its perfection.

Our master craftsmen have conquered the ultimate skill in precision setting in order to unveil the beauty of our masterpieces.

Each ring featuring a center gem and every bracelet is a piece unique and will never be duplicated.

The earrings and eternity rings will be limited to only two in the world, one signed artist proof in the first offering, and one to follow.

“A work done with extraordinary skill.”
– Webster’s Dictionary

“Sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness.”
– Gemological Institute of America

“Producing powerful feelings or strong clear images in the mind.”
– Oxford Dictionary

“Containing no faults or mistakes; perfect.”
– Cambridge Dictionary