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Holloway diamond™ Explained

Holloway diamond™ Selection Criteria

Holloway Diamonds Jewellery Spa

We believe in and commit to creating beautiful things in a beautiful way for today and for future generations.

Holloway Diamonds is a rare breed of jewellers in that we choose to manage the quality of our workmanship and products in-house. We also hand-select all of our stones which is why we stand behind our products with a Holloway diamond™


Our Canterbury and Brighton stores offer you specialised expert service through designers, jewellers, setters, gemmologists and valuers working as a team under one roof. When you visit our stores always make an appointment with our team. We love the fact that we have this level of expertise to consult with you about your jewellery. Even if it’s an item in stock our team can still walk you through the process so you understand the approach that goes into every piece that wears the Holloway Diamonds signature.

Note: We do keep the Holloway Original Designs in stock simply because they are favourites and we aim to keep up with the demand.

You will find only natural diamonds and gems in all of our jewels. Why is this? Apart from the sparkle of natural beauty, we stand behind our quality and offer a trade-up service giving you full credit for what you paid for a Holloway diamond™. That’s why we don’t sell Lab Grown Diamonds (LGD). They keep falling in value by about 20% a year.

WHY IS  Holloway diamond™ IMPORTANT?

A diamond that is selected as a  Holloway diamond™ can be traded up in full for the value you paid for the diamond to go toward another beautiful design.

What this means is that when you buy a Holloway diamond™  diamond, you are making a guaranteed investment in a true quality stone. We will gladly take this diamond back at the full value you paid for the stone and put it towards the investment of a bigger trade-up stone.

Holloway diamond™ SELECTION CRITERIA

Diamonds Only

Diamond-Cut: Round or Fancy
Diamond Colour: White
Diamond Weight: .5 carat and greater
Certification: GIA certified


Round diamonds under 2 carat: D-H
Round diamonds over 2 carat: D-G
Strong blue fluorescent diamonds over 2ct: min colour might be H (because it’ll look like F colour of non-fluorescent diamonds in most lightings)
Fancy shaped diamonds: for many of them minimum colour is F


Min clarity: SI2 – must be eye-clean from 35cm or less for diamonds in rings
*We recommend SI1 and VS2 as being the best value.


HCA score: Less than 2 –
round diamonds only

Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA)


Passes Ideal-Scope products test –
as per

Round diamonds pass Ideal-Scope test
Fancy shaped diamonds pass ASET test


Must be Transparent – we screen out all hazy, cloudy, milky diamonds, including hazy fluorescent diamonds.

Holloway Diamonds Jewellery Spa

From the day you invest in a Holloway Diamonds sparkling beautiful jewel, we want to help you keep that sparkle sparkling. And you can do just that with the HD Jewellery Spa. This is our way of saying Thank You for choosing Holloway Diamonds and we stand behind every jewel in our business.

This is YOUR HD Jewel Lifetime Jewellery Spa

Every 12 months bring your HD piece back to us for a full pamper.

Leave your special piece of jewellery with us and we’ll pamper it all day long. When you pick it up it will be at its sparkliest best!

(You’ll also receive an ultrasonic cleaner and a lifetime refill of Holloway Diamonds special degreasing solution to keep your jewellery beautiful from home.)

Jewellery Spa

Complete clean:
A thorough steam clean of your piece of jewellery.


This is an annual check-up
for your Holloway Diamond jewel:

Stone tightening
Cleaning and inspecting

Trade-Up advice

When it’s time to trade up your Holloway diamond™ Jewell we will schedule an appointment so we can be prepared to design your new piece with you.