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Trade Up to

More Sparkle

is it time for A diamond change?

Want to trade up diamonds you haven’t worn in years?

Trade up your diamonds for an exciting new piece that you will wear and be proud to show off.
Trade-in any of your existing diamonds and get a credit towards a bigger, better diamond by recycling your old stones. All we ask is you match us dollar for dollar.

Holloway diamond™  If you are trading up diamonds purchased from Holloway Diamonds, you will receive a full credit of your purchase prices for the stones.

Here’s how it works

All you have to do is bring us any of your diamonds* of more than a quarter carat (0.25ct) and we will credit you fair retail value. Any diamond, good, bad or ugly. All we ask is that you make an equal cash contribution when you are ready to trade up your diamonds.

As an example; say we value your diamond at $5,000. Add your $5,000 minimum contribution, and choose your new $10,000 Holloway ideal cut diamond. (Obviously, if you add more money you can get a bigger diamond!)

It’s that simple!

Selling jewellery in a second-hand market can take time, energy and can be a security risk. Don’t get ripped off or be put into a compromising situation. Trade up your diamond’s current equity and secure a fine quality Holloway diamond™.

* Only natural diamonds, not synthetic, clarity enhanced or colour treated diamonds.
** We will credit your old setting gold or adjust it to take a larger diamond if practical.
^Diamond stud earrings are popular trade-ups as they cost little to reset.

Start your Trade Up today!

Trade Up an original Holloway Diamond

Upgrading your existing Holloway diamond has fewer conditions. We usually give you full credit** based on what you paid initially and you need not spend as much as double to get yourself a better stone. Some clients have traded up their diamond earrings^ three times!