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We only stock and sell the best ideal cut round and fancy shaped diamonds. Full stop.

The "4C's" quick guide on the left side bar are good for most shoppers. The 12 page Diamond Buying Guide and videos have more detail. For serious diamond lovers and engineer types, open the Advanced tab.

Holloway Diamonds focus is on diamond look and sparkle. I am well known worldwide for helping to improve the cut quality and beauty of diamonds, together with the world's leading research scientists in the field.

I have publically asked the lab directors of the world’s major labs: “Would you buy a loved one a diamond based only on its grading certificate?” None would. Not even a top colour (D) Flawless diamond; lab grading report or cert tells them if it is a nice sparkly diamond!

As a geologist with little diamond and jewellery experience when I opened Holloway Diamonds in 1976 (called Precious Metals till 2006) I couldn’t understand why most diamonds were poorly cut and lifeless and often cost more than sparkling beauties. The reason I discovered is that grading Cut and sparkle is very hard. Most diamonds are ‘Cut for Carats' not for beauty; Cut is the Cinderella of the 4 C's.

We hope you will come in, see the difference in our diamonds and buy. If not then please let me help you avoid some pitfalls, and buy a beautiful diamond.

Garry HollowayFGAA Dip DT JAA Appraiser

Graduate in gemology, diamond technology. GAA past national convener of the Diamond course and frequent jewellery trade lecturer. A ‘Cut Group’ international founder - changing the way diamonds are cut around the world.

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