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Emerald Rings


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Emerald Rings

The Advantages of Emerald Engagement Ring

For many years, brilliant emeralds have held symbolic and emotional significance in many cultures around the globe. Emeralds symbolise wisdom, patience, and harmony and are often gifted to loved ones as a token of unconditional love, which makes them perfect for engagement rings or wedding rings.

Aside from giving a sentimental, stunning natural gemstone to your beloved, emerald engagement rings come with many additional jewellery benefits. Our guides can help you find the perfect ring. We have rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and other emerald jewellery that are at a variety of price points and that make perfect gifts. If we don’t have the right fit, you can watch our emerald collection for new arrivals.

Style That Stands Out

Engagement rings set with emeralds are more versatile and diverse in terms of style than traditional diamond rings or sapphire rings. Diamond rings are stunning in their own right, but extremely common in the marketplace of engagement rings. Sapphire rings are beautiful and valuable, but more limiting in terms of cuts and jewellery style.

Unlike sapphires, emerald rings stand out for their stunning, vibrant colour and range of cuts that can be customised to yours or your beloved’s taste. You are guaranteed to have a timeless statement piece with your emerald engagement ring that will truly symbolise the unique bond you share.

Valuable Investment Pieces

When thinking of investment jewellery pieces to pass down as family heirlooms, most think of diamond rings and diamond jewellery. However, emeralds are more than twenty times rarer than diamonds, which also allows them to stand out in the luxury jewellery market and on beautiful rings.

Engagement rings made with a high-quality, natural emerald can last for years and even generations if it is well cared for. Emerald rings can hold their value due to their rarity, allowing you to pass on the sentimental and monetary value of the ring to your family’s future generations.

Different Types of Emerald Engagement Rings

As you shop for the perfect engagement ring, you want to select an emerald stone that can be cut into your desired shape. After all, an engagement ring is an investment piece you and your family will treasure for generations.

There are many types of emeralds and styles to select for your timeless engagement ring. By refining the type of emerald, the cut, and carat of your emerald jewellery, you can customise the perfect ring for your engagement or wedding.

Types of Cut

If you always dreamed of a diamond ring, you can still achieve the same cuts and styles with emerald rings. A few examples of possible ring cuts include:

  • Emerald cut
  • Round emerald cut
  • Cushion emerald cut
  • Heart emerald cut
  • Oval emerald cut
  • Asscher emerald cut
  • Octagon emerald cut

The emerald cut is the signature cut for this brilliantly green gemstone. It was designed specifically for the brittle nature of emeralds that occur when the inclusions are close to the surface of the emerald. Emerald, asscher, and octagon cuts are gentler on the emerald and maintain its integrity.

However, modern techniques and technologies make it so round, cushion, and oval cuts are possible without sacrificing the emerald gemstone. You can now purchase emeralds in any cut without worrying about the cut damaging the gemstone, and the emerald stone can then be set in your rings.

Types of Emeralds

Selecting the perfect engagement ring for your loved one requires intimate knowledge of their personality and style. Engagement rings embody the person wearing them, so when you imagine your beloved, what colours come to mind?

There is a wide variety of colours to choose from when selecting an emerald for your engagement ring. A few emerald options include:

  • Zambian emerald: These are blueish-green emeralds with cooler and darker tones than Colombian and Brazilian emeralds.
  • Colombian emerald: This emerald is the most popular, known for its vibrant green colour and clarity.
  • Brazilian emerald: These have a yellowish green hue, and are known for their clarity.

All of these colours perfectly complement different band materials and colours on the rings. When shopping for engagement rings, it’s a good idea to buy a band that suits your loved one’s everyday jewellery. For example, when choosing rings, a yellow or white gold jewellery is commonly used in earrings, pendants, and necklaces. If your beloved wears gold jewellery everyday, a gold band would be the ideal choice for their ring. We have a variety of bands available for your ring ranging from white and yellow gold to silver and other metals.

Do Emeralds Fade Over Time?

When you’re preparing for an engagement or wedding, you want to select a ring that will last. Just like diamonds, emeralds do not fade over time. You don’t need to worry about exposure to the heat of a lamp, UV rays, or natural sunlight with your emerald jewellery. Along with emerald rings, you can view our other statement pieces to add earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and more to your jewellery collections.

Emeralds are some of the most stable gemstones on Earth, but to preserve their vibrancy, be wary of chemical exposures. We recommend cleaning your emerald jewellery with warm water, a mild soap solution, and a soft-bristled toothbrush to maintain its integrity.

How Long Will an Emerald Ring Last?

How long your engagement ring or other emerald jewellery lasts depends on the hardness of the gemstone and the quality of the metal used to bind the emerald jewellery. These emerald gems are generally durable and well-suited for everyday wear,

Understanding the Mohs Scale

All precious stones are measured by their hardness using the Mohs scale of one through ten. Gemstones that are lower on the scale (five and below) can be scratched relatively easily by another stone, and sometimes even a fingernail. Gemstones ranked five and above are much more difficult to scratch.

However, there is no equitable difference between the Mohs scale rankings. For example, diamonds are only one ranking above the corundum family (ten and nine, respectively), yet are ninety times harder than a corundum. Meanwhile, corundums are only twice as hard as topaz, which is only one rank below corundums.

The numbers each stone is assigned in the Mohs Scale only reflect which next harder material can scratch the one below it. This means that a diamond can scratch a corundum but a corundum cannot scratch a diamond.

How Long Do Rings Made with Emeralds Last?

Emeralds rank between a 7.5 to an eight on the Mohs hardness scale, making it one of the more durable stones on the Mohs scale. However, emerald rings do require more attention and care than gemstones with higher rankings. With proper care and maintenance, your emerald jewellery and rings can last for generations.

Unlike engagement rings made with corundums and diamonds, we recommend frequently inspecting your emerald to ensure it is clean and inclusion-free. Inclusions can make your emerald more brittle and unstable, making it susceptible to breaking. All in all, it is unlikely your emerald ring will break due to regular wear and tear!

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