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Everyone knows Argyle pink diamonds are now rare because the world’s largest diamond mine has closed, forever!

However, many people seem to have forgotten the world’s most beautiful champagne and cognac diamonds also came from Argyle.  For those that can not afford a pink diamond piece, champagne and cognac diamonds are just the jewel.


They run to about a third to half the price of white colourless diamonds and we have a great source of fancy coloured ideal cut Argyle champagne diamonds.


We have seen Pink diamonds doubling in price over a year or so, but loose Champagne diamonds are still sitting happily in our safe waiting for someone to come and sit with our designers and make up an heirloom.


We also have quite a collection of set champagne and cognac diamonds in rings, earrings and diamond pendants.


There are other similar diamonds from Russia but they have an unfortunate olive complexion. The honey amber shades of Argyle diamonds just knock your socks off