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At Holloway Diamonds, you will find the perfect engagement ring or you can easily create your own unique custom designed engagement ring and wedding ring. Whether you have an idea in mind or a picture to work with, our jewellers will assist you in creating a unique engagement ring that reflects you.

All of our diamonds are hand-selected. We only invest in stones over 1carat with GIA reports. In addition, all of our stones must pass the HCA test and the Ideal Scope selection process.

Below is a sample of our diamond pieces. We have beautifully crafted classic designed engagement rings and wedding bands. Our onsite jewelers will design the ring to your specifications. We will help you find the perfect and quality stone(s) that will sparkle for a lifetime and craft your ring with you.

Take your time to view through the engagement rings below and then speak with our team about the design process and creating your unique band.


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