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Pink Diamond


In Western Australia, there’s a worldwide known diamond mine called the Argyle Mine. This mine produces more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. The diamond mine is now closed. The closure of the diamond mine will excel the rareness of these precious pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.

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Pink Diamond Collection

Is a Pink Diamond the Rarest Diamond?

A rich, deeply hued pink diamond is among the rarest diamonds in the world, although specific pink diamonds may be rarer than others. Larger pink diamonds are extremely rare, exquisitely toned, and are substantially limited in supply, making them highly sought-after, often set in a beautiful pink diamond pendant or ring. Following the closure of the Australian mine that produced the unique Argyle pink diamond stone, only around 0.01% of all diamonds now produced are of a comparative rarity, which showcases why an Australian pink diamond is a must-have piece for any jewellery collector.


What Influences the Price of a Pink Diamond?

Pink diamonds should always be appraised by a reputable jeweller who can investigate the provenance, pink colour, clarity, shape, fluorescence, carat, and cut of the specific diamond or item of jewellery in question. Jewellers use a range of technical tools to determine the value of pink stones from the Argyle mine and must have suitable experience working with premium diamonds to provide an accurate valuation. Other factors can also dictate the value of an individual pink diamond, such as the grade or level of the pink stone, which can affect the price of a diamond by as much as 30%. Pink diamonds are typically more valuable than white diamonds and other coloured diamonds. If you want a more affordable diamond, it’s best to choose white. But if you want a stunning and rare diamond, a pink diamond from the Argyle mine could be the perfect choice.

What Gives a Pink Diamond Its Natural Colour?

Pink diamonds are created by natural processes deep within the earth, formed by extraordinary heat and pressure. The pink colour within the diamond is ascribed to a change in the crystal lattice within each stone. An authentic pink diamond is not treated in any way to gain the deep rich colour they are known for, which is why genuine pink diamonds are considered rare and command a higher price than many widely mined diamonds or lab-grown pink diamonds. Pink diamonds can be used in a variety of diamond jewellery pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings depending on the diamond size and cut.

What Are the Origins of an Australian Pink Diamond?

Most real pink diamonds on the world market today were mined from the Argyle mine, found in Kimberley in Western Australia. The closure of the Australian mine in 2020 signalled the last of the pink diamonds sourced from this exceptional region. Some pink diamonds are found, very occasionally, in Brazil or the Golconda mine, but they are mined irregularly and are not a match for the pink diamond stones that originate from Argyle. An Argyle diamond is a rare and valuable addition to any diamond jewellery collection.

Where Are Pink Diamonds Found?

Nowadays, pink diamonds are found in Brazil or the Golconda mine and at times in some African diamond mines, and there are Russian diamond mining operations that produce diamonds with a purple-pink finish–these are not equivalent to real pink diamonds and have a less intense colour. Any authentic pink diamond from the Argyle mine comes with formal certification and a laser inscription, which began in 1990 for larger pink diamonds and those with stronger tones.

Are Pink Diamonds Expensive?

A pink diamond is one of the rarest and most valuable natural diamond colours available globally, with prices varying with the carat weight and intensity of each unique diamond. The only diamond that may be more expensive or prized than a pink diamond is a red diamond, both of which hold far greater value as natural stones that have been untreated and have thorough provenance. Also read more about why are diamonds so expensive

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