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Where Are Pink Diamonds Found?

February 02, 2023

Pink diamond jewellery in Australia is undefeated when it comes to the clarity and intensity of the coloured gem. Kimberley pink diamonds are the best in the world, but with the closure of the Argyle mine, which supplied 90% of the earth’s supply, people are looking to other sources. Though not as amazingly pink as those from Australia, pink diamonds can also be found in Brazil, South Africa, and India.


The Argyle mine in Kimberley, Australia is the fourth-largest diamond-producing mine and the largest source of pink diamonds, accounting for 90% of the world’s supply. The stones that come out from this region are revered for their amazing clarity and intense pinkishness, which reflects the awe-inspiring landscape around it.

Unfortunately, the Argyle mine closed in 2020 after further mining was deemed uneconomical. Because of this, there is a lot of uncertainty about the prospects of the pink diamond industry, as rising demand and low supply are causing prices to skyrocket. That said, Rio Tinto, the company that operates the mine, continues to monitor the site. 


The mines in Brazil, particularly the GAR Minerals Mines, have produced an impressive haul of diamonds over the years, mostly in brown or colourless hues. However, they’ve also mined pink diamonds, as well.

The pink stones that come from this region are often described as ‘strawberry pink’ for their highly saturated hue.

South Africa

South Africa is a well-known supplier of pink diamonds, though the yield is only a tiny part of its total haul every time.

The country is famous for producing the Lulo Rose, a 170-carat giant pink diamond, as well as the Pink Star, which weighed 132.5 carats and was auctioned at US $71.2 million in 2017.


India is believed to be the first country to harvest pink diamonds. The Golconda Sultanate in India produces both Type I and Type II A and B (the latter type being the rarer and includes pink diamonds) stones. Here, the Kollur mine boasts the highest quality gems and is where the fourth-biggest pink diamond was found.

How Are Pink Diamonds Formed?

All diamonds are carbon elements that are formed from unimaginable pressure and heat deep within the earth’s core over millions (if not billions) of years. These come together into a rough rock which, once mined, cut, and polished, become the precious stones we know today.

Pink diamonds are made the same way, but they undergo much more pressure and are only present in certain locations around the world, making them extremely rare. 

How Do Pink Diamonds Get Their Colour?

Unlike other coloured gems, the colour of which can be attributed to impurities like nitrogen (yellow) and boron (blue), pink diamonds are naturally pink. Somewhere along their formation, an immense amount of pressure changes their structural makeup, turning them pink. When the rough stone for pink diamonds is found, it has a pinkish tint, which can become more apparent once it’s cut and polished.

Some progress has been made to artificially enhance diamonds to have the same pinkish hue, but it’s still quite rare, and not many companies have the skills to replicate the naturally occurring stone exactly. 

Are Pink Diamonds Rare?

Why are diamonds so expensive? One of the main reasons is their rarity. All natural pink diamonds are extremely rare because they’re far less frequently mined than their colourless counterparts. To put it into perspective: only one out of 10,000 carats (or about 0.01% out of all diamonds) is a fancy-coloured diamond, which means that pink diamonds comprise an even smaller percentage (estimated at 0.001%).

Each pink diamond is unique, which means everyone who owns a stone has a one-of-a-kind heirloom. These also never lose their sparkle and have no shelf life, so one that was found last century would be just as good as one found tomorrow.

The Best Pink Diamond Jewellery From Holloway Diamonds

When buying pink diamonds, colour is paramount. The most valuable stones are the ones with the most intense and vivid pink hues. Still, it’s important to consider the rest of the four Cs of diamonds, as well: clarity, cut, and carat. Holloway Diamonds offers pink diamond jewellery that excels in all these characteristics, making for impressive and high-quality jewels that will last you a lifetime. Find your next piece from Holloway Diamonds today!

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