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Welcome to Holloway Diamonds

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Holloway Diamonds, our reputation and our successes in the industry.

Let’s start with you …

About YOU first

Do you want a diamond ring or expensive jewel that sparkles like crazy, is icy white with no visible flaws? With a GIA certificate? In other words, the best diamond cut possible.

You can choose from an extensive range of custom design a  unique piece of jewellery by working one on one with our designers and jewellers.

We are the best (not the cheapest).

Our diamonds sparkle like crazy because I am a diamond-cut expert. I invented the tools Ideal-Scope, ASET & HCA. Tools used all over the world by the best diamond cutters, buyers, and sellers.

Please verify: Google those words with ‘diamond’.

Read my story or watch the “How Holloway Diamonds got their Sparkle – the Whole Story”  video below.

Garry Holloway Sparkliologist, BSc, FGAA, Dip Diamond Technology Reg’d Valuer 161

PS: You can get my Diamond Buying Guide HERE.

PPS: This video will show you what an Ideal-Scope is and how simple it is to use. After watching the video. Click here for your FREE Ideal-Scope card

The same year I began selling Ideal-Scopes and in 2005 I made the handheld ASET scope for the American Gem Society. Both are sold on ASET is the best tool for selecting fancy-shaped diamonds.

As a ‘Cut Group‘ founder, we developed advanced diamond cutting equipment used by thousands of diamond cutters.

Garry Holloway

Sparkliologist, BSc, FGAA, Dip Diamond Technology Registered  Valuer 161

About Garry Holloway – Diamond Cut Expert

Founder, Owner and ‘CutNut’

I graduated as a geologist and backpacked overland to London. I bought gems in Asia and taught myself to make jewellery. In 1976 I opened Precious Metals on a shoe-string budget. I changed the name to Holloway Diamonds in 2006. I couldn’t afford diamonds back then.

In 1984 I did well at the Gemmological Association of Australia’s Diamond Technology course. During the course, I invented the Ideal-Scope. Later I taught the course and was a national convenor for several years. I became a passionate diamond ‘Cut Nut’ crusader to improve the cut quality of all diamonds.

In the year 2000, I launched the US-patented Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) – an online cut grading system. HCA has been used to grade billions of dollars worth of diamonds. GIA’s cut grading system came several years later, it’s not as strict as HCA, about 80% of GIA XXX diamonds fail. HCA has been used by the public and trade to grade the cut quality of billions of dollars of diamonds.

About Holloway Diamonds

Our Canterbury and Brighton stores offer specialized expert service. Designers, jewellers, setters, gemmologists and valuers working as a team under one roof. Garry buys our diamonds directly from the best cutters overseas.

We sell only natural diamonds and gems. We offer a trade-up service and give you credit for what you paid for any diamonds we sell. That’s why we don’t sell Lab Grown Diamonds (LGD). They keep falling in value by about 20% a year.

We are committed to ethical, social and sustainable environmental practices. We sponsor the Diamond Development Initiative that works with artisanal mining communities. We were the first Australian business to pass the Responsible Jewellery Council audit. We introduced low energy LED lighting a decade ago.

We changed our name in 2006 from Precious Metals to Holloway Diamonds.