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Robert Procop – Narrow Bracelet

$55,000 including GST

American Glamour Narrow Bracelet by Robert Procop. Featuring 171 oval and round Blue Sapphires- Deep bright blue in colour and 177 oval and round Green Tsavorite garnets medium bright green in colour. Set in 18 karat white gold with black rhodium over the claws. The bracelet is secured with a white gold tongue clasp and a back lock.

Exclusive to Holloway Diamonds.

Type of stone

HCA | Ideal–Scope | ASET

All Holloway diamonds above 0.70ct are GIA certified. All diamonds we sell, including the small ones, in addition to a GIA cert also pass the HCA and Ideal-Scope test.

  • HCA – Determines the diamond cut quality, potential to sparkle and its size relative to an average diamond of the same carat weight.
  • Ideal-Scope – Determines diamond light leakage.
  • ASET – Determines fancy shape diamond light leakage.

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