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Differences Between Morganite and Moissanite

March 19, 2023

People are increasingly turning to diamond alternatives when it comes to engagement, eternity, and wedding rings–some of those alternatives include morganite and moissanite! Let’s dive into how these two stones compare.

What Is a Morganite Ring?

A morganite ring contains a stone that is a pink variety of the mineral beryl, which is part of the same family as emeralds and aquamarine. It was discovered in the early twentieth century and named after American financier J.P. Morgan.

It has a beautiful pastel colour and comes in shades ranging from rose to peach, depending on its origin. It can also have a slight yellow or orange hue.

Morganite is considered to be quite rare and typically has a lower clarity (meaning it contains more visible inclusions) than diamonds.

What Is a Moissanite Ring? 

Moissanite is an engineered crystal created from silicon carbide and is often compared to diamonds. It was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan and is now one of the most popular diamond substitutes available.

Moissanite has a brilliance that exceeds even that of diamonds, which makes it an attractive option for many people seeking an affordable diamond alternative. It is usually colourless but can also come in various shades, including yellow and green.

Primary Differences Between Morganite and Moissanite

By understanding the differences between morganite and moissanite, you can make an informed decision on which one is the right choice for you. Here are some of the key differences between morganite and moissanite:

Look and Colour

Morganite is usually pink in colour, whereas moissanite can be colourless or coloured. When it has colour, moissanite is usually green or yellow. So, if you’re looking for something with a unique colour, moissanite might be the better choice.

Brilliance and Sparkle

Moissanite is known for its brilliant sparkle and has a higher refractive index than morganite, meaning it reflects more light and appears brighter. On the other hand, morganite has a softer sparkle which many people find appealing.

If you’re wondering how to give an eternity ring or engagement ring with a special sparkle, moissanite is the better choice. 

The Hardness of the Stone

Morganite is slightly harder than moissanite, with a Mohs hardness rating between an 7.5 and 8 compared to 9.25 for moissanite. This means that morganite is more resistant to scratching and abrasion but it can still be chipped or cracked if not handled properly.


Moissanite is usually more affordable than morganite, which can be quite expensive due to its rarity. Therefore, moissanite is often an ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget. Another reason moissanite is less expensive is that it is much easier to source than morganite, which can sometimes be difficult to find.

“Fire” Properties 

Moissanite has a higher dispersion value than morganite, meaning that it reflects more white light and creates an intense prismatic effect with rainbow colours. This is called fire and is one of the most important optical properties of a diamond that is also seen in moissanite.

Source of the Stones

Morganite is a natural gemstone that is mined from the earth. Moissanite, on the other hand, is a lab-created stone and is often considered to be more environmentally friendly since it does not require mining.

Because it is mined, you may be wondering if morganite is ethically sourced. It comes from Brazil, Africa, and India, and you should always do your research to make sure the stone has been mined in an environmentally responsible and humane manner.

Choosing Between Morganite and Moissanite

Now that you know the differences between morganite and moissanite, it’s time to make a decision. As part of your decision process, visit Holloway Diamonds to take a look at the options available.

If you’re looking for an affordable diamond alternative that is still eye-catching, moissanite is probably the best option. It has a higher brilliance than morganite and is usually less expensive. However, if you prefer something with a unique colour, morganite might be a better choice because it comes in beautiful shades of pink and peach.

No matter which one you choose, morganite and moissanite offer an affordable alternative to diamonds that still look stunning. So, consider your personal preferences and budget when making your decision.

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