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How To Clean an Engagement Ring

December 20, 2023

Your engagement ring is a precious piece of jewellery, and it is only natural that you want to keep it in the best condition, with the same vibrant sparkle that you enjoyed the day it came out of the box! Knowing how to clean your ring properly can be intimidating, though–you may be worried about getting something wrong, damaging the stone, or tarnishing the metal.

Fortunately, we have put together the ultimate guide to help you clean an engagement ring properly without worrying about damage or breakages–whether it’s a classic diamond, blue sapphire, or green emerald ring!

What To Use To Clean Your Ring

It may come as a surprise, but the best way to keep your engagement ring shiny and sparkling is to use plain dish soap and warm water–this will gently lift off any stains and tarnish and restore the beauty of your gem.

Start by filling a bowl with warm water and soap, and gently place your ring in to allow it to soak for between twenty and forty minutes. Then, take a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, and gently rub over the surface of the ring to remove any residue or buildup. Once you have wiped the entire surface, run the ring under warm, running water, and repeat if needed. 

You can then use a soft, lint cloth to dry the ring without causing any damage.

How To Help Your Ring Last Longer

Regular cleaning is an important part of making sure your ring lasts, but there are other steps you can take to help your ring look its best for years to come.

Remove Your Ring When Doing Housework or Gardening

While it can be tempting to want to wear your ring  at every available opportunity, it is important to be sensible if you want to preserve it. If you are planning on doing gardening or housework, get into the habit of placing your ring in a safe place–this will reduce the risk of it getting damaged or broken, and will also preserve its shine and sparkle.

Remove Your Ring When Washing Up or Applying Lotion, 

In a similar vein, it is a good idea to get into the habit of removing your ring when you are washing up, taking a shower, or applying creams or lotions. Over time, water and products can cause buildup, which can leave your ring looking dull.

Schedule Regular Professional Cleanings

While the method outlined above is important to help ensure that your ring stays shiny, it is also important to schedule in the time to have your ring professionally cleaned by a jeweller. This gives you a chance to have your ring looked over and checked for any damage, and the professional will give it a great, deep clean.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

For an at-home clean, the soap and water method discussed above is all you need–resist the temptation to scrub your stone hard with harsh chemicals. These can strip the metal from the band, damage the setting, and cause buildup and damage to your stone that may not be reversible. Instead, keep it simple: opt for warm water at home and leave the deep clean to the pros.

Don’t Touch the Centre Stone

Be careful when taking your ring on and off, and try not to use the centre stone as leverage for removal–no matter the shape of the ring. Over time, this can cause the setting to warp, and the stone may become loose, which increases your chances of losing it. Grab the band when removing your ring, and always be gentle.

Invest in a Warranty

Finally, make sure you spend the extra cash on a warranty or insurance for your ring to give you that extra peace of mind and reassurance just in case something goes wrong. While this may be a little financial investment, the peace of mind and long-term comfort will make it more than worth it.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much care you put into cleaning your engagement ring, it is important to remember that it will need to be professionally cleaned and serviced at least once a year. This way, you can ensure that your ring looks its best for years to come, and if any damage has occurred, the right people can take care of it.

As long as you follow these instructions carefully, you can rest assured that your ring will be looking its best–and that you have taken all the necessary steps to keep it in top condition!

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