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Ideas for Redesigning Wedding Rings

June 20, 2022

Ideas for Redesigning Wedding Rings

If you have a wedding ring you inherited or a vintage ring you bought at auction and want to update its appearance, this article is for you. The value of a wedding ring isn’t entirely monetary–it can be invaluable to you because of what it reminds you of or where it came from.

However, if you’re interested in changing a meaningful ring’s appearance, there are many precious stones available, and you can easily update the aesthetics of your ring to look more modern or aligned with your taste. 

Add Accents to the Ring

There are different options with regards to adding accents to your outdated ring. Diamond accents can be placed around the centre stone or on the band itself. Adding accents can also bring out the sparkle of the centrepiece without breaking the bank.

Create a Three-Stone Ring

When it comes to creating a three-stone ring, you need to consult an experienced jeweller who will advise on colour and shape while still caring for the original ring. If you decide to add stones to the ring, it’s important to know how much a one-carat diamond is worth.

A three-stone ring redesign may take more time than others, but it can completely revitalise a piece. If you aren’t afraid to make a bold fashion statement, it’s also worth considering adding coloured stones such as rubies or sapphires as accents.

Opt for a Larger Centre Stone

This is arguably one of the simplest ways to redesign a ring. Replace the old centre stone with a coloured stone to add a personalised touch. You can opt for a colourless diamond, or if you’re looking for something out of the norm, you can consider a sapphire, ruby, or even a pink diamond as the new centrepiece (once you know how much a pink diamond costs and if it fits your budget). Interested in creating a champagne diamond ring in Melbourne? Check out our latest article.

Change the Diamond Setting

Sometimes, the redesign you need may be as easy as resetting the diamond. It may look simple, but the way the diamond is set can greatly impact its appearance. Resetting the diamond can also increase durability and functionality.

Switch Gold Ring Settings to White Gold

One of the advantages of redesigning a wedding ring is that the opportunities are only limited to your imagination and budget. Emeralds or other coloured stones reset in white gold can add a contrast that creates an entirely new look.

Turn Several Rings Into One Piece

If you have more than one precious stone that you’re looking to redesign, you could consider consulting an experienced jeweller for options on how to turn them into a single masterpiece. This redesign could be what you’re looking for to ensure you begin wearing gems you already own instead of leaving them in a box or safe.


There are many options when it comes to redesigning wedding rings, and many ways you can get creative while doing so. It can also be helpful to keep an open mind when visiting your jeweller, because they may have ideas that could transform your outdated rings into beautiful pieces you look forward to wearing again.

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