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What Carat of Diamond is the Best?

June 19, 2022

What Carat of Diamond is the Best?

Have you been thinking of purchasing a diamond but can’t decide how many carats you should opt for? You’ve come to the right place–this article will run you through the relationship between diamonds and carats and the various considerations at hand that will help you select the most suitable carat of diamond for your wedding or engagement ring. 


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What is a Carat?

One of the most important factors affecting a diamond’s price is its carat. Carat is one of the four Cs of diamond quality: colour, cut, clarity, and carat. These four distinct features are used to measure a diamond’s overall quality and value. 

Contrary to popular belief, carat is the unit of measurement for a diamond’s weight, not size. A one-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams, or one-fifth of a gram. Diamonds can also be divided into one hundred sub-points for gemologists to evaluate a stone much more accurately. Hence, you can purchase a 1.85-carat diamond that weighs 0.15 carats lighter than a two-carat diamond that looks the same to the naked eye. 

Price in Relation to Carat 

Diamonds are deemed extremely precious stones, and the higher the carat, the more valuable they are. This is because the supply for larger diamonds pales in comparison to the supply of smaller diamonds. A common misconception is that the price of a diamond is directly proportional to its weight in carats. For instance, in theory, if a one-carat diamond costs $3,000 USD, a two-carat diamond would cost double that—$6,000 USD. However, as a diamond’s carat increases, so does its rarity, resulting in an exponential rise in its price. 

Selecting the Best Carat for Your Budget

It’s worth noting that the size of a diamond or its carat does not signify the depth of your love for your significant other or their love for you. And while it’s important to consider your budget when purchasing a ring, it’s also true that many other factors are at play.


The saying “go big or go home” may not be applicable here, as ideal diamond size and carat are dependent on a person’s style, setting preference, stature, and hand size. Consider your partner’s lifestyle–do they play sports or have hobbies like woodcraft or gardening? If so, a smaller centre stone could be a better fit for them.

0.05 Carats

If you have a working budget of $1,000 USD, you can already find a half-carat diamond with high ratings for colour, cut, and clarity. Half-carat diamonds make a great choice for engagement rings, especially with a solitaire setting, although halo settings are great if you want to add some sparkle! Wondering if diamond clarity affects sparkle? Check out our latest article.

0.07 Carats

Diamonds around this weight give you the best compromise between size and price. With 0.07 carats, your $2,000 USD budget will already go a long way, providing you with more room to prioritise other qualities. 

0.09 Carats

0.09 carats are an excellent choice if you’re eyeing a one-carat diamond. To the naked eye, these diamonds appear to be the same size as one-carat diamonds but are much more affordable. You can purchase a well-cut 0.09-carat diamond for around $3,000 to $4,000 USD. 

1.0 Carats 

As these diamonds are the most in demand, you’ll see a significant leap in the price of one-carat diamonds. Curious about how much one-carat diamonds are worth? On average, you can get a one-carat diamond for $4,500 USD. However, the price varies depending on its quality and rarity. Some extremely uncommon diamonds valued at several million dollars per carat have been sold at auctions, while you can get a one-carat diamond at just over $2,000 USD if you’re willing to sacrifice colour and clarity. 


There’s no single best carat of diamond, but there’s a best carat of diamond for you. You can opt for whatever carat works for you and your partner as long as it’s within your budget and you take the wearer’s style, setting and style preferences, hand size, and lifestyle into consideration.


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