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Are Argyle Diamonds Good Quality?

June 07, 2022

Are Argyle Diamonds Good Quality?

Australia’s renowned Argyle mine has been one of the most prominent manufacturers of stunning Argyle pink diamonds for decades. It has produced some of the most dazzling diamonds possible, making collectors thrilled to be associated with the brand. 

Argyle Diamonds

When looking at how rare Argyle pink diamonds are, you have to start at the source. The Argyle diamond mine of Kimberley, Western Australia, produced nothing short of 90% of the earth’s rarest, and most desirable diamonds. This legendary mine, which Rio Tinto Mining Corporation owned, held an exclusive, yearly Argyle Diamond Tender in which it showcased its best gemstones from the previous year. The mine permanently shut down in 2020 due to a lack of resources, but before that, its owners were top diamond producers.

Because the process behind how the colours of these diamonds develop may not be completely known, it leaves these stones with an unfathomable quality. For instance, the colouration of the pink diamonds is described as a wonder, which has driven stakeholders to conclude that the colour comes from a seismic shock that distorted the diamond’s molecular composition.

When comparing the Argyle diamonds to those unearthed in other sites such as Africa, there is usually a clear distinction in the colour quality. Diamonds from Australia possess a different colour quality with more red, purple, and blue effects than those from other mines. The rare nature of these diamonds in part answers the question, why are Argyle champagne diamonds expensive?

Rio Tinto’s manufacturing of these distinct diamonds created an esteemed grading framework for its products. Apart from the uniqueness of its diamond construction, its products came in admirable colour tones. 

Today, Australian-produced gemstones are sought by clients, jewellers, shareholders, and other industry stakeholders, mainly for their quality and worth. These high-value products invoke a sense of passion and extravagance and can fit into any luxury collection.

Even though the Argyle mine provided around 90% of global pink diamonds, the owners claimed that an entire annual production of over half a carat could merely sit in the palm of one’s hand. Diamonds larger than a carat are incredibly rare.

Attributes of High-Quality Argyle Diamonds

The distinctive structure of Argyle diamonds is ascribed to a volcanic channel, usually identified as the Argyle pipe, composed of olivine lamproite. Following the seismic event, raw materials such as zeolite clays and other substances intermingled with the diamonds and impacted their construction.

Whereas yellow diamonds are composed of nitrogen, and blue diamonds are made of boron. No characteristic impurities have been known to be present in pink diamonds. This elegant and rare Australian pink diamond has an extraordinary hue capacity, with excellent refinement and evenness.

The Four Cs Affecting Diamond Quality

The four Cs–carat, clarity, colour, and cut–denote the four essential compositions of a diamond’s attractiveness, construction, and quality. Minute discrepancies in these features can cause substantial shifts in the value of a diamond. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these features of a diamond. 


The clarity of a diamond speaks of how spotless it is from attachments and imperfections. The GIA grades for a diamond’s clarity also apply to Australian Argyle pink diamonds. 


Carats refer to the weight of a diamond. A one-carat diamond is 200 milligrams. Subject to a diamond’s outline and cut, the magnitude of one-carat can differ. Although carat mass is vital when choosing a diamond, the entire outlook and brilliance are more important.


Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine possess a conspicuously glowing depth of pink colour, which is hardly seen in rare gems from other countries. They tend to be light and soft.


The cut of a diamond is its form and overall worth. The GIA ranks diamond scratch on a gauge of Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The Ideal and Excellent grades are measured as the most acceptable options.

The Demand for Argyle Diamonds

Since 2005, pink diamonds have gained worth by roughly 360%, and Argyle pink diamonds have shown the most significant upsurges, qualifying for the largest advancement of all coloured diamonds. The demand for Argyle diamonds has never fallen, and experts trust they never will.

Yearly, the value of precious stones rises by a double-digit figure. After the Argyle mine shut down, there has been an increase in the price of rare pink diamonds, as Argyle diamond production is still low, while the demand remains significant.

Final Takeaway 

Argyle pink diamonds have about 70.8% complexity with steady levels of pigment. With outstanding quality, they are flawless stones for collectors. According to recent data, over 700 million carats of diamond have been quarried since the initial days of the Argyle mine, with 80% being brown in colour, 17% yellow, 3% white, 3% grey, and less than 1% of the diamonds being pink.

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