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Are Argyle Champagne Diamonds Expensive?

June 07, 2022

Are Argyle Champagne Diamonds Expensive?

Champagne diamonds are not as rare as neutral diamonds. As a result, they tend to cost less than their white counterparts. However, the worth of champagne diamonds usually depends on their concentration of colour, clearness, and weight. The tremendous high temperature and density for billions of years has also played a part in forming these diamonds. Argyle diamonds from Australia have been one of the leading varieties of these diamonds.

How Argyle Champagne Diamonds Are Priced

Colour Composition

Champagne diamonds, also referred to as brown diamonds, have a secondary hue of yellow, giving them their champagne colour. The concentration of the yellow can be light or intense. 

Their distinctive colouration results from trapped nitrogen between the carbon atoms during the gemstone’s formation. This means that the more the nitrogen content present, the dimmer the diamond’s colour. 

Champagne diamonds can also be referred to as cognac diamonds if they have a dim colour concentration. Typically, pale diamonds drop in worth, but champagne stones usually have a lovely colour that gives them their high value.

Extraction And Production

Champagne diamonds are extracted from several parts of the globe, including Australia, Siberia, and Africa. The most considerable champagne diamond excavation was that of the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. Other coloured diamonds such as the pink diamonds were also excavated here.

Like white diamonds, these precious stones rank as a ten on the Mohs gauge of solidity, making them some of the most durable substances in the world. This means that champagne diamond jewels are extremely tough and recommended for everyday wear, which plays a critical role in answering the question, are Argyle diamonds good quality


You might be wondering if a coloured diamond–specifically a champagne diamond–is scarcer and more costly than a white, colourless diamond. Typically, champagne-coloured diamonds are less rare than colourless diamonds and other fancy coloured diamonds. As a result, the costs of champagne diamonds are considerably less than those of white diamonds.

Like the canary yellow diamond, customary diamonds are rarer than brown and champagne diamonds. However, the demand for Argyle diamonds always rises each year, which means their value increases year after year. The cost has tripled in the last fifteen years.

Typical Costs

Diamond costs can differ immensely depending on a diamond’s shape, cut quality, clarity, and colour. For instance, the price of a one-carat diamond can go from $1,500 to more than $16,000. A two-carat diamond might cost as low as $8,000 or as much as $90,000.

Ornamental champagne diamonds with no overtones are scarcer than those with lesser tints. For example, a legendary 69.93-carat champagne diamond, named the Golden Pelican, is valued at $3 million. The Golden Jubilee, a renowned champagne diamond once offered to the King of Thailand in 1997, weighs up to 546.68 carats and has a projected cost of between $6 million and $13 million.

It is estimated that a one-carat champagne diamond would cost between $3,000 and $4,000 compared to a decent quality one-carat round G colour, SI1 diamond, which would cost between $5,000 and $6,000–the worth increases significantly as the carat weight rises.

Every carat of pink champagne diamonds can cost from $40,000 to $110,000, making it one of the most costly stones sold. 

Other Factors Of Argyle Diamond Costs

The attractiveness and value of champagne diamonds differ significantly; just as with colourless diamonds, it is essential to choose a champagne diamond with gemological documentation from the GIA or AGS to have a lab verification of the stone’s structures and merits. As a result, you should look out for the following:


The strength and dimness of colour reflect the worth of the stone. Champagne diamonds usually have numerous shades ranging from light orange to yellow to dark brown.


The way a diamond is cut affects how polished the diamond will appear. This means the more professional the cut and the more attractive the stone is, the higher the price.


Clarity is attributed to how flawless the diamond is. Diamonds with fewer blemishes, imperfections, and attachments have greater overall value.


A one-carat diamond weighs 200 mg; when it comes to champagne diamonds, it’s imperative to place the colour and cut above its carat magnitude. 


Diamonds come in several shapes, and it can be hard to choose the most flawless one–but this typically comes down to personal preference.


Natural champagne diamonds tend to be much more costly compared to many other gems and semi-precious stones, but they are relatively inexpensive when compared to ordinary colourless diamonds.


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