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Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings

August 01, 2022

Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings

If you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, the next step is often to shop for an engagement ring. However, the process can be a challenging one—hopping from one shop to the next, searching for the perfect stone, and deciding if you need to follow the cost of engagement ring rule.

You may wonder what type of diamond to choose, what carat size that will work best with the ring, and, if you’re ordering a custom ring, how long it takes to make an engagement ring. In this article, we’ll look at some of these factors to help you in your search.

What Is the Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings?

The average carat size for engagement rings differs based on several factors, including location and demographic. In the United States, the average carat size for an engagement ring is one carat, 0.6 carats in the UK, and 0.5 carats in Europe.

When choosing the carat size, age also plays a role. For example, individuals in their twenties and early thirties are likely to choose diamonds that average one to two carats; it’s not uncommon for older couples to purchase even larger carat sizes.

Does an Engagement Ring Need to Be Large?

With the onset of social media, there’s been an increase in the size of engagement rings, including diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, but the size and cut should be determined by the hand that will wear the ring. 

The shape of the diamond also affects how large a diamond appears. For example, a square-shaped diamond can look smaller compared to an oval or pear shape. It’s important to think less about the size and more about what will complement the hand of the person wearing it.

Finding the Right Carat Size

An engagement ring can be a large purchase, so one of the most important factors to consider is your budget. Before buying an engagement ring, it’s helpful to calculate what you can afford. This will also make it easier to focus on the diamond itself, as there are many choices at each price point. 

How Do You Get the Best Value for Your Budget?

Using these tactics will help you get the most bang for your buck when shopping for an engagement ring:

Buy From a Reputable Vendor

Buying an engagement ring from a trusted source is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best quality for your investment. Also, be certain that you purchase a ring from a GIA or AGS-certified vendor that will give you an authentication certificate. 

Consider the 4Cs

Some people focus on carat size and forget the other three Cs—colour, cut, and clarity.

A diamond’s cut will impact how a ring looks, just like carat weight. Colour and clarity are complex but important factors—for example, the more colourless a diamond is, the rarer it is and the higher the price it commands. Understanding these variables will help you stay within budget and find the perfect ring for your partner.


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