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How Long Does It Take To Make an Engagement Ring?

August 01, 2022

How Long Does It Take To Make an Engagement Ring?

The time it takes to make an engagement ring depends on the type of ring and the jeweller. A custom ring or semi-custom ring can take 2–4 weeks to make, but could take up to 12-weeks. A proposal is a special event, centred around the engagement ring. To get the perfect custom engagement ring, it’s wise to speak to your jeweller early.

A proposal is a special event, and it’s centred around one piece of jewellery: the engagement ring. It’s crucial that you get the perfect ring, which may mean having it custom-made. Making a custom engagement ring can take two to four weeks, so taking this bespoke route requires time and planning.

Ready-Made Versus Custom Engagement Rings

You can purchase quality diamond engagement rings right out of the showroom of a trusted jeweller—an ideal route if you’re tight on time. You can pick a beautiful piece right from the display and have it resized and ready in a matter of hours.

That said, custom engagement rings can be the superior choice if you envision a specific diamond, setting, or design to slip onto your partner’s finger. Having a ring custom-made doesn’t even have to cost much more than ready-made pieces.

The Process of Crafting Custom Engagement Rings

Making custom engagement rings takes an average of two to four weeks. Some jewellers can do it in a shorter time, while others might take five to six weeks to finish. To understand why it takes so long, here’s a look at what goes into the process:


It starts with a consultation with your jeweller–this is typically done in two steps. In the first meeting, your jeweller will orient you with some of the basics of crafting engagement rings—the types of diamonds, setting options, and the precious metals available. During this step, you can also get information like the average carat size for an engagement ring and how much you should spend on an engagement ring

The next meeting involves narrowing down your options. You should already have a good idea of what you want in a ring from the first consultation—in the second, you get to see some real choices and pick what’s in line with your ideal piece.


The design step involves turning your vision into a rendered version of the ring. The jeweller will translate your ideas and preferences into a design, often in software that produces a 3D image of the piece. Depending on the complexity of the design, this can take one to two weeks, including all revisions that may be made along the way.


Once you’re happy with the design, the jeweller will start crafting your ring with a team of goldsmiths, gemologists, and setters. The ring goes from wax model to a cast, followed by the setting, finishing, and polishing work. This part lasts another one to two weeks.

Review and Delivery

After the piece is made, you can review it. If everything’s okay, it’s packed into its box and presented to you.

How Far in Advance Should I Buy an Engagement Ring Before Proposing?

It’s recommended that you get an engagement ring three months before the intended date of your proposal. This gives you enough time to find the perfect ring—or, in the case of bespoke pieces, have it custom-made to your exact preference.

Getting the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

If you want a jaw-dropping engagement ring but don’t know how to do it, request an appointment with the jewellers of Holloway Diamonds to get started. You can choose from our selection of magnificent engagement rings, or have a bespoke piece made with hand-picked diamonds and expertly designed sets. Get the engagement ring of your dreams with us!


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