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Custom Sentimental Jewellery Ideas

February 02, 2023

Finding the perfect present isn’t always so simple, especially if it’s for someone special in your life. You’ll want something that truly expresses how you feel and represents the value of your relationship—and that’s rarely something that you can capture with a generic gift. Custom-made jewellery in Australia is one of the best gifts that you could give. It’s timeless and precious, and it could hold significant meaning based on how you personalise it. With the help of artisans from Holloway Diamonds, you can create custom designs or customise anything from rings to necklaces with engravings and other symbols and finish your piece with a hand-picked high-quality diamond to really make it unique!

What Is Sentimental Jewellery?

Sentimental jewellery refers to pieces that embody feelings of affection, nostalgia, or other special emotions for or about someone. These are packed with layers of meaning, such as declarations of love or personal confessions. While they are common as gifts between couples, they can also be symbols that represent family, friendship, or other important events in an individual’s life.

The history of sentimental jewellery spans from the late Medieval period and reached its peak during the Victorian era as royalty and noblemen used these items as symbolic gifts for their loved ones. Nowadays, sentimental jewellery is still popular, proving its agelessness. You can get mass-produced versions, such as the Cartier love bracelet, or have them customised based on your own designs and symbolisms through an artisan jeweller like Holloway Diamonds. Either way, it’s good to look into how to get a valuation certificate for jewellery to ensure that you’re investing in the right highest quality jewellery pieces.

Custom Sentimental Jewellery Ideas

You can create and customise sentimental jewellery from scratch or start with a base piece and make small changes to make it more personal. Here are some ideas to help you get started:


Customising rings is better done from scratch because the pieces are tiny, offering little space to play around with from a base (though it’s still possible!). That said, they’re very easy to customise. You can choose unique metals or gems (and stone shapes), add accent stones (particularly solitaire rings), engrave the interior or exterior of the ring, or select different combination settings.


There are plenty of ways to customise necklaces. You can mix and match colours and styles, layer multiple necklaces, use unique pendants, and adjust the length of the chain to best suit the wearer for a special personalised jewellery piece.


Bracelets can be customised by combining small and large bracelets, adding charms, resetting gems, and braiding long bracelets together.


Earrings are rarely customised as they’re so small, but with a great jeweller and a clever design, you can make them into customised sentimental pieces. You can layer them for a more sophisticated style, create a mismatched but coordinated pair, attach small charms, or add some gemmed studs to the set. Earrings can also be created from your own special design.

How to Customise Sentimental Jewellery

Customising sentimental jewellery lies in the special meanings that you inject into the piece. Here are some ideas that you can play around with to add your personal touch:


Adding the name of a loved one on a piece of jewellery makes it uniquely theirs or, in the case of those who are no longer with you, it commemorates the life of someone important to you. If you want something more subtle, or if you’re customising something with less space, you may also opt for just their initials.

Significant Numbers or Dates

You can engrave a significant number, like your couple number, the house number of your first home, etc. or an important date, like a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event on a custom sentimental piece. There are endless numbers or dates that you can commemorate—and you can even have something made for each one!

Personal Messages or Meaningful Quotes

You may want a message or a quote immortalised to celebrate your relationship, and you can do that by etching it into your custom sentimental jewellery. If you’re buying pieces in pairs, you can even engrave half of the phrase in one and the other half on the other or put a response to one on the pair.

Special Symbols

Symbols like zodiac signs are go-to’s for custom sentimental jewellery. But you can be even more creative in this genre—explore emojis, doodles, drawings, or any kind of symbol that best represents your emotions and the value of your relationship to make it all the more unique!

Customised Sentimental Jewellery from Holloway Diamonds

When getting customised sentimental jewellery, you’ll want to work with artisans that can promise great designs, quality craftsmanship, and high-class pieces. Holloway Diamonds can offer all of that and guide you through creating the perfect pieces that are both valuable in utility and sentiment. Make an appointment with one of our artisans today!

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