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Highest Quality Unique Engagement Rings Australia

May 12, 2023

Engagement is among the happiest, most memorable experiences many of us have. Choosing the finest custom-made jewellery Australia is an excellent way to create a magical ring that embodies your personality, love and future life together.

Holloway Diamonds considers it an enormous privilege to play a part in the most important day for so many couples and can offer additional services, such as creating a customised necklace or other bespoke jewellery as part of your wedding day preparations.

Designing a ring unique to you gives you the opportunity to select your own metals, diamonds or precious stones, customising the setting, fit and aesthetic and matching your engagement ring to your tastes. 

Why Design a Tailored Engagement Ring?

Your engagement ring is a piece of jewellery you will wear every day for the rest of your life; it sits with you from the beginning of your love story and isn’t an item of jewellery that you should compromise on or make do with an off the shelf piece that doesn’t feel made for your ring finger. A diamond engagement ring should also be of unparalleled quality, with a stunning stone that will stand the test of time.

Jewellery makers pour love and precision into their craft. We are always delighted to offer the wealth of our expertise, whether you need professional advice on diamond selection or would like support with turning your ideas into a comprehensive specification.

Designing a custom engagement ring with Holloway Diamonds ensures you know the provenance and true appraisal value of your diamond and aren’t paying a price for lower-quality gems based on packaging, presentation or branding. Our speciality jewellers provide online services and virtual consultations across Australia, hand-picking every stone for each client, ensuring that your engagement ring exceeds your expectations and will be the stand-out feature in your proposal.


How Long Does it Take to Make a Custom Engagement Ring?

Much depends on the ideas or vision you have for your unique ring, but many of the couples we work with have spent months visiting stores and browsing rings online, only to find that the ideal ring that perfectly depicts them doesn’t exist. Newly engaged couples also may be reluctant to pick a ring that has been mass-produced and wish to design something that matches their every aspiration.

We can happily advise on anticipated timescales but work in partnership while your design comes to life, offering one-on-one service whether you’d like a classic solitaire, a gemstone cluster with a blaze of colour, or a romantic princess cut diamond.


Elements to Consider in High-Quality Jewellery

Engagement rings do not need to conform to any rules, so whereas traditionally, rings were made from yellow gold and featured a single diamond, there are myriad choices.


Engagement Ring Precious Metals

As a bride or groom-to-be, your engagement ring should be a piece you are proud to wear, and the band could be crafted from silver, platinum, white or rose gold. You may wish to choose the same metal for your band that you expect to use for your wedding ring or could opt for contrasting colours.


Diamonds and Gemstones

The stone is the centrepiece of an engagement ring, but a diamond is one of many options. Alternatives such as a striking blue sapphire, a rich, opulent ruby or a graceful emerald can work beautifully in a modern engagement ring, or you might wish to incorporate amethyst or aquamarine, as a few examples.

Less traditional gems can add a flair of originality, and you can also incorporate a twist into the cut of your diamond or gemstone.


Engagement Ring Shapes 

In some cases, the placement or size of your diamond or gemstone may influence the cut you choose. Still, there are just as many ways to inject personality into your bespoke engagement ring by picking profiles and shapes; examples include:

  • Princess-cut diamonds in a classic diamond shape
  • Marquis stones with an elliptical shape that tapers at each end
  • Octagonal Asscher cut stones with a square, modern edge
  • Traditional emerald cuts with a rectangular appearance


Some couples opt for a central stone with accent colours or smaller diamonds around the side or use a cluster to add an eye-catching hue, in which case we might recommend a cut that works well with the placement arrangement you have in mind. Of course, the choice is entirely yours.

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