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Customised Necklace Ideas

May 12, 2023

Creating a custom jewellery necklace is a superb way to commemorate a significant event, design a bespoke gift for your partner, or develop a one-of-a-kind necklace to treasure. Whether you would like to come up with ideas to create jewellery for best friend anniversaries, birthdays or the birth of a child, the attention to detail and personalised nature of a custom jewellery commission makes it something truly special.

Getting started on the design process can be difficult, and with years of expertise crafting unique engagement rings Australia-wide, Holloway Diamonds can provide guidance to help with every step, from selecting diamonds and precious gems to turning your vision into reality.

Reasons to Consider a Bespoke Necklace

Our clients may wish to design something for themselves as a keepsake, to mark a particular life event, or to capture a memory, but we can also design exquisite custom necklaces as a gift for a parent, friend, sibling or partner. There is never a bad time to present somebody important with a jewellery piece that has been made solely with them in mind, but some of the common events or occasions may include:

  • Wedding anniversaries, particularly milestones such as ten, twenty-five, or fifty years
  • Significant birthdays, such as the 21st or 50th
  • The birth or adoption of a child or the announcement of a pregnancy
  • As an expression of thanks for support, friendship, and help during difficult times
  • Following a bereavement, sometimes to redesign a piece of antique jewellery with sentimental value


Thinking about the purpose and emotion associated with a custom necklace can be a useful way to gain ideas about stones, colours, shapes and settings which reflect the personality, style, or tastes of yourself or your intended recipient.


How to Pick Colours and Stones for Your Custom Jewellery

Some occasions are strongly linked with colour, making it easier to come up with ideas that are consistent with the event, for example:

  • Birthstones can be a great way to personalise a custom necklace for a birthday–think emerald for May, pearl for June, and ruby for July.
  • Blue gemstones represent serenity and peace, whereas red symbolises passion and love.
  • Heritage can be an important consideration, such as using green gems within a Celtic-inspired design.


Wedding anniversaries can also be incorporated into your necklace, whether in your choice of precious metals or in the shape and texture of your custom piece. Silver is associated with a 25th anniversary, sapphire with forty-five years of marriage, and platinum with a seventy-year milestone–but you can also get creative and don’t need to be bound by tradition!

For example, lace is linked with a 13th wedding anniversary, but you could build in delicate patterns, shapes, and interlinking elements to your pendant to reflect this material.


Ideas to Inspire Your Necklace Design

The wonderful thing about a custom piece is that there are no rights or wrongs, so you can draw on dates, family crests, favourite colours and anything else that will make a necklace personal. Anniversary gifts can be designed with your initials or those of the couple, cast in stunning platinum, white gold or silver, featuring the birthstones of each person or the birthstones of their children.

Interlocking initials are a popular theme and can represent kinship, family, or love, offset against precious stones that reflect the personalities of each person as smaller elements of a larger pendant. Using classic shapes, such as a four-leafed clover for luck, infinity symbols for commitment, or constellations to replicate a particular location or birthplace, can also add something meaningful and instantly recognisable.


Necklace Designs Inspired by Nature

Florals are also a fantastic source of ideas, where you can either use hints of colour to indicate a favourite bloom or use diamonds cut into specific shapes to create a cluster that replicates the shape of a flower. According to folklore, the following species have significance:

  • Carnations: The love of a Mother
  • Irises: Faith, wisdom and hope
  • Red Tulips: passion and romance


Setting a classic pendant onto a contemporary rope chain or a slim, elegant chain can offset the colour and depth of clarity of your selected gems or diamonds perfectly, or a striking herringbone or chain-linked necklace stands out and makes a bold style statement.

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