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How Much Should I Spend on a Diamond Bracelet?

July 09, 2022

How Much Should I Spend on a Diamond Bracelet?

Diamond bracelets have earned their reputation as a “must-have” for women due to their elegance and incredible versatility. However, such pieces can be expensive, and you must consider your budget before committing to the bracelet of your liking. Whether you’re shopping for half bezel tennis bracelets, gold diamond bracelets, or anything in between, there are many factors to weigh.

While this is ultimately a personal decision, we’re here to provide a couple of tips that will aid you in assessing the right price for you.

How Much Do Diamond Bracelets Cost?

The price of a diamond bracelet can vary greatly depending on factors such as the diamonds’ carat, cut, colour, and clarity. Additionally, the type of metal used for the chain, evaluated on its strength, colour, and purity, also impacts the bracelet’s value. Tennis bracelets can be purchased for as little as 1,000 USD and as much as 100,000 USD. 

Considerations Before Buying a Diamond Bracelet

Before making a purchase of this size, it’s best to start by conducting research. You’ll come across companies and jewellery designers charging higher prices than their competition, and if you wish to make the most of your money, you need to look around to see what’s out there. 

It’s helpful to prioritise buying jewellery from a seller or shop that will provide you with the original invoice or official receipt, as well as a warranty card or guarantee.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the metal that will hold the diamonds in place—platinum, gold, and silver are all durable enough for daily wear, and you need to ensure that the quality of metal fits both your style and budget.

Lastly, make sure that the bracelet fits you perfectly, as how tight a tennis bracelet should be can be different from the fits of other high-end accessories.

Set Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is identify a range for the amount you are willing to spend. By narrowing down your choices, this can quickly assist you in selecting a diamond bracelet that suits your needs.

It is also worth noting that expensive does not always equate to beauty—don’t be talked into buying a piece that doesn’t suit you or isn’t to your liking simply because of its price tag.


Diamond bracelets are lovely pieces of jewellery that can pair well with many outfits and occasions. Still, they are luxury items, making them an investment on your part that come with numerous decisions for you to make before purchasing. There is no exact amount that you should spend on a diamond bracelet; once you’re aware of your budget and preferences, you’ll be free to find a bracelet that you love. Of course, diamond experts such as those at Holloway Diamonds are always available to help!

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