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How to Prevent Necklaces From Tangling 

July 17, 2022

How to Prevent Necklaces From Tangling 

Necklaces are probably one of the most ancient pieces of jewellery. Over time, they have acquired increasingly stylish, contemporary, and refined designs, varying with the taste of every era. But what kind of necklace would suit you best? From deciding which shape of diamond to choose, to figuring out how many carats a diamond pendant should be, shopping for diamond jewellery can be a daunting task. If you are looking for diamond pendants in Melbourne, look no further. At Holloway Diamonds, we offer diamond necklaces that bestow elegance and timeless beauty. 

When one has the pleasure of owning and wearing a diamond necklace, the desire to preserve it is obvious. With necklaces in particular, tangling is one of the most annoying problems. It takes a combination of properly storing your necklaces and knowing how to wear them to ensure you don’t permanently damage the piece. In this article, we will give you tips on how to prevent necklaces from tangling so they remain stunning forever. 

Proper Storage Keeps Tangling at Bay 

If you’re wondering how to keep your delicate necklaces from tangling at home or while you travel, here are some easy tips to keep your necklaces from getting tangled:

Store in a Designated Area 

Proper storage of jewellery starts with organisation. Create a designated place to store all of your jewellery, be it a jewellery box, pouch, or tray. A simple way to avoid tangles is to hang your chains on a hook to ensure the necklaces don’t touch each other and become intertwined.

Compartmentalization Is Key 

Pill dividers, available in any pharmacy, are great tools to keep your other jewellery like earrings and rings from getting caught in your necklaces. Creating different compartments not only helps you store your jewellery safely, it also helps you find what you’re looking for with ease. 

Use a Straw 

A secret to keeping a chain or necklace from tangling is by threading it through a simple drinking straw. Once you thread the necklace through the straw, clasp it and store it in a toiletries kit. The straw will keep the chain from moving too much and prevent knots. 

Use Plastic Wrap 

If you don’t have a straw, you can use a plastic wrap to construct a similar method of storage. Lay out a piece of plastic wrap the length of your necklace when it is unclasped. Place the necklace at one edge of the wrap and start rolling it. Once it is wrapped up, you can either store it as such or bend it and secure the clasp to take up less space. 

Bag It Up

Once you’ve wrapped individual chains and necklaces, place them in a sandwich bag or a jewellery bag to keep them tangle-free. 

Pay Attention to How You Wear Your Necklaces 

While storing your jewellery carefully plays a huge role in keeping your necklaces untangled, there are also certain things you need to be aware of while wearing them to ensure they don’t get tangled. Here are some tips you can use to nail the concept of layering without having to fidget all day with your necklaces: 

Use a Necklace Spacer 

A necklace spacer is a metal rod that contains holes through which you can thread each one of your necklaces and connect them together at the clasp. It works by leaving a small gap between each of the layered chains, preventing them from entangling with each other. 

Wear Necklaces With Different Lengths 

The bigger the difference in length, the less likely it is that your chains will become intertwined–pairing a short necklace with a long one can help you avoid a mess. 

Final Takeaway 

If you wear necklaces, and especially if you layer them, ending up with tangled chains at some point is practically a given. Tangling is not only a nuisance to deal with when you want to accessorise quickly, but it can also permanently damage your jewellery. By following these simple tips to store and wear your necklaces responsibly, tangling can surely be prevented, extending the longevity of your jewellery.


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