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Is a Dark or Light Sapphire Better?

November 18, 2022

The meaning of blue sapphires has enchanted people for centuries. This precious stone comes in a wide variety of shapes and shades—different hues based on the stone’s origin and the characteristics created during formation. When you consider where sapphires come from, this shouldn’t surprise you. This article will help you in choosing between a dark or light blue sapphire ring.

When choosing a sapphire—or any precious stone—one of the most important considerations is colour, including what is called colour intensity. Colour intensity refers to how dark or light a sapphire is, and colour has a huge bearing on the cost of a sapphire. Generally, medium blue sapphires that are neither particularly light or dark tend to command a higher price.

Cornflower Blue

Some sapphires resemble the colour of a blue cornflower. The bulk of sapphires of this hue come from Thailand and Madagascar.

Ceylon Sapphire

This stone derives its name from the place where it’s found, which is Ceylon, Sri Lanka. These sapphires are close to the cornflower colour that attracts top dollar.

Thai and Madagascar Blue Sapphires

These sapphires tend to be darker, which is the most sought-after deep blue sapphire. Madagascar sapphire mines have gone extinct, so prices of these stones are expected to skyrocket in the near future.

Royal Blue Sapphires

Royal blue, suggesting prestige and wealth, is a colour of sapphire that is true to its name. These are some of the rarest blue sapphires.

Padparadscha Sapphire

Most sapphires are rare, but padparadscha beats most of them by far. This stone boasts a combination of pink and orange, and most people lack the words to describe it. Some have termed the colour salmon or sunset, but the name comes from the term in the Sanskrit language for a lotus flower.

Pink and Purple Sapphires

There are many shades of pink diamonds, ranging from light red to light purple. Purple sapphires, however, can range from medium to dark purple.

Green Sapphires

Despite being rarer, a green sapphire is not as sought-after as other colours of sapphire. However, these stones are a collector’s dream, especially those that are darker in colour.

Colour Change Sapphires

These stones are like a chameleon in that they change colour based on the intensity and type of lighting. Under LED or fluorescent light, they change colour from blue to violet; under incandescent light, they’ll range from violet purple to reddish purple.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the best sapphire colour comes down to your tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for a sapphire to enhance your aesthetic, go for whatever pleases your eye—the person you should aim to please is whoever is wearing the stone. Our experts at Holloway Diamonds have the sapphire knowledge needed to help you find the best possible sapphire jewellery for you or your loved one.

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