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Should I buy a lab grown diamond or a natural diamond engagement ring?

March 25, 2024

Ah, the new-age question: natural or lab-grown diamonds for your engagement ring? It’s a dilemma that has sparked many a heated debate among couples and jewellers alike. So, let’s dive into the diamond minefield and explore the arguments for both sides.

Lab-grown diamonds engagement ring? – Questions to ponder…

Q1: Eco-conscious and budget savvy?

On one hand, you’ve got lab-grown diamonds – the darlings of the eco-conscious and budget-savvy crowd. These gems are often touted as the “green” choice, with their lower (hmm, very low, actually) price tags and reduced environmental impact. But let’s not forget the true essence of an engagement ring: commitment. Can a ring that’s grown in a lab in a couple of weeks truly capture the timeless symbolism of a lifelong promise?

Q2: Falling in price?

Sure, lab-grown diamonds may be falling in price due to oversupply, but that doesn’t mean they come without their own set of pitfalls. Retailers are still charging hefty margins on these gems, leaving many customers scratching their heads and wondering if they’re really getting a good deal. And while it may be tempting to opt for a larger stone at a fraction of the cost, proposing with a cheap ring can send the wrong message – that commitment comes with a price tag.

Q3: Saving the planet?

Then there’s the argument for saving the planet. Is it true that lab-grown diamonds require less environmental impact than their mined counterparts? But before you start singing the praises of these “green” gems, consider this: 90% of lab-grown diamonds are produced in India and China, where 70% of electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. And let’s not forget about the carbon offsets in Asia, which have been accused of nothing more than greenwashing.

Natural diamonds engagement ring? – Questions to ponder ….

But what about the allure of natural diamonds – those precious gems that formed deep beneath the earth’s surface over billions of years?

Q1: Is it worth the money?

There’s something undeniably romantic about wearing a diamond that has withstood the test of time, a symbol of love that transcends generations. And while lab-grown diamond sellers may argue that natural diamonds will fall in value as synthetic diamonds flood the market, we beg to differ.

Q2: Will natural diamonds fall in value too? 

You see, the luxury market is a different beast altogether. While cheap, low-quality diamonds may see a decline in value, top-quality natural diamonds will always hold their allure for discerning buyers. And with diamond mines becoming increasingly scarce, the value of these

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