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What Does a Ruby Engagement Ring Mean?

April 10, 2023

The colour red has long been associated with passion, desire, and intensity. Psychologists have studied the colour red and its effect on the human mind for decades.

Depending on whom you ask, red acts as everything from an aphrodisiac to an appetite enhancer. Something about the colour red evokes a strong emotional response in many of us, and ruby rings and jewels kindle these same feelings of romance and longing. 


Centuries of Historical Beliefs

While early records of rubies are surrounded in mystery, archaeological evidence suggests that mankind may have had a fascination with rubies that goes back some 4,000 years in modern-day Myanmar where the precious stones were first found. 

The first written records of rubies begin around 200 B.C., suggesting that rubies were traded along the silk road all the way to the Roman Empire. Even the legendary Roman scholar Pliny made note of them in his writings. 

Throughout the Indo-Asian areas, rubies were believed to imbue their owner with a host of magical properties, including ever-lasting peace, invincibility, and the promise of being reincarnated as an emperor. 

In the renaissance period in Europe, we began to see rubies in all sorts of jewellery worn by the upper class as symbols of status. In one of his most famous portraits, Henry VIII is adorned in rubies, including ruby rings, a ruby necklace, and ruby brooches in place of his shirt buttons. 


Popularity of Rubies in Engagement Rings

When the legendary American actress Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco in 1956, she became immortalised as Princess Grace. While many in the media became fascinated by the enormous ten carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring she wore after the marriage, the engagement actually began with an eternity band ring intertwined with rubies and diamonds. The prince presented Kelly with this beautiful piece of craftsmanship when he proposed to her, and the elite in Hollywood took note.

While ruby’s less expensive cousin garnet may have the same red appearance, how much a ruby is worth is unique for several reasons. Rubies make an especially excellent compliment to engagement rings for their ability to maintain their deep red colour under various types of lighting conditions. A ruby ring will absorb all spectrums of visible light except red, so despite the shimmering diamonds surrounding it, the ruby itself will always stand out. No matter where you or your loved one wear ruby jewellery, it will always be the centre of attention and its brilliant colour will stand as a symbol of passion and vitality. 


Symbols of Eternal Love

For those of us lucky enough to celebrate decades of marriage, rubies are the traditional fortieth wedding anniversary gift. But whether you’re in your fortieth year of marriage or in your fortieth week of dating, a ruby ring is a powerful gift for your loved ones–it lets them know that your love is as strong and intense as the deep red gems adorning their favourite types of jewellery!

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