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The CIBJO Resolution on Conflict Diamonds

March 01, 2021

The CIBJO Resolution on Conflict Diamonds

Who is CIBJO?

CIBJO’s resolution on Conflict Diamonds. CIBJO is The World Jewellery Confederation of national trade organizations, being today comprised of thirty-five countries. The World Diamond Council was established to represent the industry in the campaign to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds. According to the accepted definition of conflict diamonds, does such a trade currently exist, and are there regions where the potential for such a trade remain high?

STÉPHANE FISCHLER: The KP was created to address a very specific issue. It was designed to create a platform or mechanism to stop the funding of conflict and violence by rebel groups against legitimate governments from being fuelled by diamonds. Today, 99% of all diamonds in the trade come from a conflict-free source.

However, the importance of the KP and the WDC remains crucial when it comes down to the future of the product we represent, as there are still areas where diamond mining may take place that suddenly becomes involved in armed conflict. There will always be new challenges, and they stand ready to address them.

Their purpose is to encourage harmonization, promote international cooperation in the jewellery industry, and to consider issues that concern the trade worldwide, the foremost of which is to protect consumer confidence in the industry;

CIBJO recalls and takes into account its Resolution on Conflict Diamonds, adopted unanimously by the Executive Committee at the Congress of Paris in 2001;

CIBJO notes the considerable progress that has been achieved in the intervening year through hard work and continued collaboration between representatives of governments, civil society and the diamond industry, specifically as represented by the World Diamond Council (WDC);

CIBJO understands that allegations have appeared in the media concerning a possible exploitative criminal link between trade in conflict diamonds and the funding of certain terrorist movements;

CIBJO notes that according to the US Department of State and the United Kingdom & Commonwealth Foreign Office such allegations are entirely unsupported by any tangible evidence;

Accordingly, CIBJO hereby resolves:

  1. To affirm its continued commitment to its Paris resolution of 2001 on this matter;
  1. To continue to support fully the work of the World Diamond Council and the Kimberley Process negotiations to finalize and implement an international certification regime for rough diamonds;
  1. To urge strongly that member national organizations communicate with their national governments and with the European Union to express the need for a successful and swift conclusion to the work of the Kimberley Process;
  1. To provide support and assistance to member national organizations and through them to their individual member businesses to understand the issue, the work of the industry and the solution provided by the Kimberley Process, and therefore be able to respond to inquiries from the media and consumers, and to understand and implement the requirements of compliance with the system of warranty developed by the trade.
  1. CIBJO Members will not trade in conflict diamonds.



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