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October 20, 2021

Horizon Identification system

GIA developed Horizon, a software system designed to intercept diamonds that have been resubmitted.

Why would someone resubmit a diamond? Usually in the hope of receiving a better grade.

In the mid 1990’s Dr. James Shigley told describe the system they were building. Horizon gathers all the information as it is being generated on every diamond that is submitted. The weights and the 3D non contact scans generate very precise data. But another important variable is the inclusion plot since most diamonds have inclusions matching the plots is not that difficult for modern software. But since diamonds under one carat are more abundant, and businesses like the cheaper price and faster turn around in grading time, it makes sense to laser inscribe diamonds with dossiers. From a business point of view, polishing off a laser inscription, while not that difficult, takes time and money. When GIA completes and rolls out its AI clarity grading system matching that it is developing with IBM, the Horizon program will become even more accurate and I wonder if the laser inscriptions will still be provided free of charge?.

I am sure GIA have made hundreds of millions of dollars or additional profit and paid back the Horizon system many times over.

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