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Are Champagne Diamonds Less Expensive?

June 07, 2022

Are Champagne Diamonds Less Expensive?

Diamonds are a great addition to any jewellery collection. They are available in different types: coloured and colourless diamonds. Colourless diamonds are beautiful, rare, and expensive; therefore, unique coloured diamonds have become a less expensive alternative. A popular type of coloured diamond is the champagne diamond.

Champagne diamonds are beautiful gems known for their unique tint and colour. They are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, and Argyle champagne diamond rings are becoming more popular for proposals. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about these fancy gemstones – including their price in comparison with colourless diamonds, as they are indeed often less expensive than most other diamond choices!

What Are Champagne Diamonds?

A pure diamond is a crystalline gemstone with an appealing and reflective nature, deemed by many as the embodiment of timeless beauty. However, once you see a champagne diamond, you may be swayed towards opting for a coulored diamond option.

These are unique diamonds that have a distinct champagne colour–often referred to as brown diamonds, cognac diamonds or chocolate diamonds. Their colour comes from the nitrogen impurities in their crystal structure–as their nitrogen content increases, the diamonds’ colours become darker. Champagne diamonds’ natural tint and colour can increase their overall value. 

Just like white diamonds, champagne diamonds are very durable. On the Mohs scale of hardness, these diamonds have a score of ten. Consequently, they’re very resilient and long-lasting. Wondering if chocolate and champagne diamonds are exactly the same? Click here to read our latest article.

Rarity and Cost of Champagne Diamonds 

Champagne diamonds are sometimes expensive due to their rareness; however, they’re not quite as rare as other coloured and colourless diamonds. Because of this, they’re typically less expensive than other types of diamonds. For instance, champagne diamonds are less costly than yellow canary diamonds–although they’re both coloured diamonds, and are usually far less expensive than traditional white diamonds.

Other factors that influence the cost of diamonds are colour intensity, carat weight, and clarity. A higher value of these factors increases their cost, and the price of these precious gems also depends on their demand and supply. 

Today, the price of champagne diamonds is increasing as they are becoming more popular, but these diamonds are still available in the market at competitive prices. Curious about what a champagne diamond represents? Check out our latest article.

What to Consider When Shopping for Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are unique, with varying levels of aesthetics and beauty. When buying one, consider the following factors: clarity, cut quality, and carat weight. Before choosing a champagne diamond, ensure it has a gemological certificate from AGS or GIA.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a champagne diamond:

  • Colour–champagne diamonds are available in many colours because of shade differences and colour intensity. These factors influence the aesthetic value and cost of the precious stones. For example, brown diamonds have varying colours, ranging from light to dark brown.
  • Cut quality–the aesthetic value of diamonds depends on the cut quality. For instance, the cut quality shows off the gems’ fire, brilliance, and sparkle. So, the aesthetic value and price of diamonds increase with the quality of their cut.
  • Clarity–a diamond without inclusions and blemishes is more valuable; however, champagne diamonds rank lower on the clarity scale. Brown diamonds found at the bottom of the scale are less expensive, while those in the upper part of the scale are more expensive.
  • Carat weight–carat denotes the weight of diamonds. To many people, the weight of diamonds is the most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a diamond, and the price of a diamond depends mostly on its carat weight. Still, the colour and cut quality of diamonds affect their aesthetic value. 

Final Thoughts

Typically, champagne diamonds aren’t as rare as colourless diamonds, meaning they’ll usually cost less than white diamonds. Likewise, champagne diamonds are typically less expensive than yellow canary diamonds, or diamonds of other bright shades. 

However, because these brown diamonds are gaining popularity, their price has increased. Just like other diamonds, their prices are based on cut quality, clarity, carat weight, and colour intensity.


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