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What Does a Champagne Diamond Represent?

June 07, 2022

What Does a Champagne Diamond Represent?

Champagne diamonds are a type of coloured diamond with a natural brown colour–these diamonds also have a conspicuous yellow tint, and have varying hues, ranging from dark brown to lighter shades of brown. Their stunning colour enriches unique jewellery pieces, providing a boost of character or charm for the wearer. Review our collection to find a beautiful champagne diamond solitaire ring.

The Meaning and Characteristics of Champagne Diamonds

It’s a popular belief that these beautiful diamonds connect the wearer with nature and the earth. Additionally, a champagne diamond symbolises stability, order, and clarity.

Unique and Affordable

Often, champagne diamonds are less costly than white diamonds, making them a beautiful and affordable gift for the special people in your life who want a statement piece of jewellery or a unique engagement ring. However, when buying champagne diamonds, it’s important to consider their colour and cut quality. These two factors affect the beauty and value of diamonds more than anything else–but are champagne diamonds less expensive than other varieties? Check out our latest article.

Commitment to Quality and Ethical Diamonds

At Holloway Diamonds, we’re committed to selling only premium quality champagne diamonds from credible sources. The Kimberley Process is an UN-mandated forum that aims to stop the flow of conflict diamonds into the market. So when you buy diamonds from Holloway Diamonds, you have a guarantee that you’re buying high-quality and hand-selected diamonds from a conflict-free source.

The History of Champagne Diamonds

What is a champagne diamond? Cognac and champagne diamonds have been used in the jewellery industry since Roman times, but they until recently, were used mainly for industrial purposes. The word “champagne diamond,” also known as “cognac diamond” when in a darker colour, was introduced by a marketing specialist working at the Argyle diamond mine in Australia in the late 1980s.


The Argyle mine produced large amounts of brown and light yellow diamonds and manufacturers decided to market them as luxury coloured diamonds rather than throwing them away. In fact, the Golden Jubilee is the most famous champagne diamond, and was a 545.67-carat brown diamond. This stunning rose-cut diamond is the largest faceted diamond, and its value ranges between $5 and $12 million. 


Before being cut, this champagne diamond was considered ugly; however, after its unique fire rose cut, it became an incomparable precious stone. 

What Gives Cognac and Champagne Diamonds Their Colour?

Cognac and champagne diamonds are varieties of brown diamonds. These diamonds receive their colouring from the presence of nitrogen inside their crystalline structure–graining is a unique texture created by the stress and presence of nitrogen in the diamond’s crystal form. The crystal lattice determines how a diamond reflects light, and as the diamond crystal absorbs several wavelengths of light, it allows us to see it as being brown in colour.


The colour of these precious gems beautifully complements pearls and white diamonds, creating a unique contrast point for various jewellery pieces. 

Meanings Behind Various Diamond Colours

Every colour of a diamond represents a unique meaning. Here are some meanings behind different diamond colours:

  • Yellow diamonds–yellow is the colour closest to daylight. It represents humility and symbolises desirelessness and renunciation, and is also the colour of rootedness and earth. Yellow diamonds are very common, and at least 60% of all coloured diamonds belong in this category.
  • Pink and red diamonds–these diamonds are rare and expensive. Red diamonds symbolise passion, love, and power, as well as form and flexibility.
  • Green diamonds–chameleon or green diamonds are deemed the rarest of the rare diamonds. These diamonds signify youthful vigour and activity, as green is the colour of abundance, prosperity, and nature.
  • Blue diamonds–these diamonds represent truth, peace, devotion, eternity, spirituality, and purity. According to Buddhist beliefs, blue stones in rings ensure a safe journey.
  • White and black diamonds–black is a colour that symbolises mourning, while white represents purity and holiness.
  • Brown diamonds–these diamonds are sold under different names, such as coffee, champagne, chocolate, or cognac. Brown diamonds represent convention, clarity, stability, and order.


Final Thoughts

Although they go by many names, champagne diamonds are types of brown diamonds, meant to connect the wearer with nature and groundedness. Champagne diamonds also represent stability and clarity, and will undoubtedly provide a unique look for any jewellery lover.


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