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Can Eternity Rings Be Resized?

March 11, 2023

Eternity rings are designed to be everlasting and serve as a promise of the everlasting love found between two people. 

An eternity band is a traditional piece of jewellery that is most commonly worn by women, so it should be no surprise that there are plenty of eternity bands for women to choose from. Some women are in need of reassurance as to whether eternity rings are comfortable, while others are unsure of what particular order you should wear engagement, wedding, and eternity rings. Still, there is one concern many women share–what happens if you need to resize your eternity ring? 

Body weight fluctuates throughout the years. Fingers might increase in diameter as a result of weight gain or weight loss, and a woman’s fingers will undoubtedly experience at least a subtle temporary change as a result of pregnancy. No one can avoid the effects of natural ageing on our bodies, but luckily, resizing an eternity ring is definitely possible!

Resizing an Eternity Ring

Style and Design

When it comes to eternity rings, the most common type is a full eternity ring. The band of this type of style is designed with diamonds or precious stones wrapped all around. While this makes for a beautiful ring, it is one of the most complex styles to resize.  

A full eternity band cannot be resized without affecting and potentially altering the overall appearance. Since this type of ring is covered in diamonds or stones, a jeweller would need to either add or remove stones, depending on whether you need to upsize or downsize. This is often a very challenging process that can also be quite costly. 

On the other hand, a half-eternity band is easier to resize. The bottom half of these rings are solid bands, which grants the jeweller flexibility when it comes to manipulating the size of the ring. 

Understand the Risks 

While it is best to work alongside a skilled jeweller or enlist the help of Holloway Diamonds, it is important to know that a complex process like this is often accompanied by potential risks. 

A ring that needs to be upsized needs to be stretched out to make room for the addition of new metal. A ring that needs to be downsized will need to have a portion of the metal cut off. With both of these processes comes the risk that the ring’s overall appearance will be altered–stones may fall off or the setting might look compressed. The most important thing to keep in mind is that an alteration of any kind could potentially reduce the value of your ring. 

Let the Experts Get the Size Just Right

While you might not be able to predict fluctuations in your body weight and finger shape down the road, allow the experts to get it right the first time. Let Holloway Diamonds create the perfect eternity band that is comfortable, durable, everlasting, and appropriately sized for you, or let us resize accurately when it’s needed!

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