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In Which Order Do You Wear Engagement Wedding and Eternity Rings?

March 13, 2023

Some of the most important milestones a relationship will ever face are becoming engaged and sealing the deal with marriage. While both of these milestones have specific rings to mark them, we don’t blame you if you want to throw another ring into the mix. 

An eternity ring is a beautiful symbol of the everlasting love between you and your partner. While it can signify any other relationship milestone of your choosing, an eternity wedding band can also serve as a simple token of your continued commitment to one another. 

We are sure your search for the perfect eternity band has left you with a few concerns. Can eternity rings be resized? What’s the difference between full and half eternity rings? Can an eternity ring be a wedding ring? Today, we are highlighting the first challenge you and your partner are going to face. What is the proper order for wearing your three rings? 

The Engagement Ring

As part of a long-held tradition, the engagement ring depicts the promise a man makes to his partner to marry her. The engagement ring is traditionally placed on the ring finger of your left hand as a symbol of the future commitment between two people

The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is placed on each other’s fingers after the exchange of “I do” during the wedding ceremony. Like the engagement ring, the wedding ring is also placed on the left-hand ring finger. 

While most women tend to select wedding rings that complement their engagement ring, some tend to opt for a band that differs. In instances where the two do not complement one another, the woman has the option to move her engagement ring to her right-hand ring finger and leave her wedding band on her left-hand ring finger.

We have the ancient Greeks to thank for this tradition–they believed that the left-hand ring finger was the only finger that had a vein connecting directly to the heart. What better finger to place your ring on than this one? 

The Eternity Band 

Finally, the eternity ring: a symbol of love and undying commitment. Like the other two rings, an eternity ring is often placed on the left ring finger. Traditionally, the order of rings is the engagement ring, wedding band, and the eternity ring. 

Here is the catch: when it comes to proper order, there is no right or wrong answer. Some women may find that wearing all three on one hand is bulky or cumbersome, some women might choose to wear their eternity ring on the right hand, and some might switch the order around altogether so that the styles complement one another in appearance and feel. 

In Conclusion

When deciding on the order of your rings, it truly comes down to whatever feels most comfortable. At the end of the day, these rings still symbolise the love you have for your partner, regardless of what order you wear them in or on what fingers you wear them on, so choose the configuration that works best for you!

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