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Can You Wear a Diamond Tennis Bracelet Every Day?

July 06, 2022

Can You Wear a Diamond Tennis Bracelet Every Day?

Many people have jewellery that goes completely ignored except on special occasions. A diamond tennis bracelet is made to last; however, why not look for a reason to celebrate those beautiful masterpieces? Life is short, and it’s best to live every moment we have to the fullest.

Once you’ve looked at diamond bracelets for sale, there’s no doubt a diamond bracelet could be one of the most expensive items in your collection, but it will also be one of the most versatile. You can revel in the luxury of your diamond bracelet when going to a party, enjoying outdoor activities, or lazing around.

What Makes a Diamond Bracelet Ideal for Daily Wear?

There are many reasons to wear your diamond tennis bracelet daily. For starters, if a tennis bracelet is real, it’s made from durable and scratch-proof metal, giving it protection and longevity. A tennis bracelet’s durability is proven by the source of its name, professional tennis player Chris Evert, who wore her diamond bracelet during her matches.

There are also limitless ways to wear a diamond tennis bracelet–you can pair it with diverse outfits and other jewellery to contrast and highlight the bracelet itself.

Can You Wear Your Diamond Bracelet When Taking a Shower?

Despite the durability of diamonds, soap and other body care products can form a film over them and affect their clarity, so it’s recommended you leave your bracelet behind when you step into the shower.

Tips for Wearing a Bracelet

Here are a few tips for rocking a diamond tennis bracelet that you cherish:

Ensure it’s a Perfect Fit

This applies regardless if you wear it daily or not–a perfectly-fit bracelet reduces the chances of the piece slipping and falling, and encourages you to wear it more often. A quick test should ensure the bracelet rests on your wrist when your hand is in a downward position and rests on your forearm when your hand is upright.

However, it’s important to remember that a diamond tennis bracelet is one of the few pieces of jewellery made to be a slightly looser fit, because the lack of a stretching band reduces the chances of the diamond snapping. 

Wear it Alone

A diamond bracelet is versatile in regards to what other jewellery it can be paired with. If you want to make it the star attraction, though, regardless of how large it is, try wearing it alone. 

Check out our recent article if you’re interested in learning how many carats a tennis bracelet should be.

Accessorise With Other Bracelets

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can accessorise your tennis bracelet with other jewellery, such as a matching watch or another bracelet. You can wear a tennis bracelet with another bracelet of a thinner band or go bigger and make a fashion statement by accessorising with other diamond pieces.

Final Thoughts

A diamond tennis bracelet is a unique opportunity to possess a classic look that’s also highly versatile. Ensure your bracelet is the perfect fit and protect it by taking it off before you shower. If you’re still on the fence about wearing your tennis bracelet daily, feel free to contact the experts at Holloway Diamonds!

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