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How Many Carats Should a Tennis Bracelet Be?

July 04, 2022

How Many Carats Should a Tennis Bracelet Be?

A diamond tennis bracelet is a classic wardrobe staple because it goes with everything from formal attire to casual ensembles. Although a diamond bracelet for women infuses any outfit with glam, each bracelet looks different depending on the total carat weight. 

On average, a regular tennis bracelet should be between three and four carats, but they can vary widely. This article will discuss how carat weight affects diamond tennis bracelets’ value, price, and look.

How Does Carat Weight Affect the Value of Tennis Bracelets?

Carat weight dramatically affects the cost and beauty of tennis bracelets. Enormous diamonds often result in more expensive and stunning pieces, but when choosing large diamonds, you should ensure they have strong colour and clarity as defects will be more visible.

Because large diamonds occupy a lot of space on a bracelet, there will be less room for additional diamonds. On the flip side, a small carat weight means there are more diamonds around the bracelet–a two-carat diamond tennis bracelet will have at least seventy-two diamonds in it, whereas a ten-carat tennis bracelet will have only thirty-eight.

It’s not just the number of diamonds and carat size that affect the cost of tennis bracelets—any decoration to the tennis bracelet influences how much you pay. For example, a tennis bracelet with a unique clasp or three rows of diamonds will be more expensive than a simple diamond tennis bracelet with one row of diamonds. These design choices are also important when considering how the piece will fit with your wardrobe or if you plan on wearing a tennis bracelet with a watch

How Many Carats Do Tennis Bracelets Have?

A standard tennis bracelet has three to four carats of diamonds, but the carat size often varies from one tennis bracelet to another. Most tennis bracelets have between two to ten carats. The number of carats largely depends on how large or small the diamonds are and how they’re arranged within the tennis bracelet. 

It’s sound advice to never buy a tennis bracelet with less than one carat of diamonds, as it could be made with low-quality diamonds. Bracelets of this carat size will also likely be made of smaller diamonds, and because smaller diamonds don’t easily show blemishes and discolourations, the diamonds used in these pieces are often of lower quality than those in bracelets with larger diamonds.

When and How To Wear Tennis Bracelets

Even though you may not wear your diamond tennis bracelet on the centre court, it makes excellent jewellery for formal occasions and everyday wear. Its simple and striking design means that a tennis bracelet complements other jewellery perfectly. For example, diamond tennis bracelets pair perfectly with diamond stud earrings, giving you an understated and chic look. In addition, they look stylish and sophisticated when worn alone.

Whether you pair your diamond bracelet with a t-shirt and pair of jeans or a red carpet-worthy evening gown, this stunning piece of jewellery is so versatile that some people wear a tennis bracelet every day.

Additionally, there are no rules concerning which hand to wear your tennis bracelet on. Many people wear theirs on the left hand as they do with a watch, but it’s a matter of comfort and choice–so go with what feels best for you.

Final Thoughts

A typical tennis bracelet has three to four carats of diamonds. Most diamond tennis bracelets vary between two to ten carats in total carat weight, and the number of carats depends on the size of diamonds and how they’re arranged within a diamond tennis bracelet.


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