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Can You Wear Emeralds Every Day?

April 26, 2023

With a rich and vibrant green hue, emeralds are a timeless and elegant gemstone that makes for beautiful jewellery. One of the most sought-after gemstones, it is no surprise that you would want to wear your emerald jewellery every day. 

When you think you want to wear your emerald necklace, earrings, rings, or other prized pieces every day, it is completely valid to wonder if emeralds scratch easily. Whether you own an emerald bracelet or are pining for an engagement ring made out of emerald, having concerns about its durability is understandable. Emeralds are, after all, a very precious stone and rarer than diamonds. It is fair to want to make sure that wearing them out every day won’t expose them to potential damage.

  Emerald earrings with diamond halo

How and Where to Wear Emeralds is Up to You

It is totally fine to wear your emeralds out every day, but their longevity and resistance to general wear and tear will depend on a few factors. 


Wear With Care

While emeralds are not as scratch-resistant as diamonds and don’t score as high as diamonds do on Moh’s hardness scale, emeralds are still fairly durable stones. However, unlike diamonds, emeralds have a durable structure that makes them more resistant to chips. 

Now, just because your emeralds are more chip-resistance, does not mean you are excused from caring for them properly. With the right care, you will help prolong the life of your emeralds.


Avoid Stacking With Other Jewellery

If you pair your emerald jewellery with other pieces, be incredibly mindful not to let your emeralds rub against the other pieces. This type of friction could increase the chance of scratches.

When storing your jewellery, be sure to store it in a soft jewellery pouch by itself and away from other pieces that could scratch it.


Avoid Exposure to Temperature Changes

Do not expose your emerald to sudden temperature changes. Similarly, do not expose your emerald to extreme heat. 

If you are planning a tropical getaway or a ski trip, be mindful to not wear your emerald in the ocean or on the slopes as these extreme temperatures can diminish its colour and make it more prone to chipping and cracking. Being cautious of the activities and temperatures you expose your emerald to will ensure that it is safe from any human-caused damage.


Clean With Care

When it comes to cleaning your emeralds, mild soap and a damp cloth will do. Many people clean their jewellery with cleaning solutions and steam machines. While emeralds can withstand most normal wear and tear, it is still a precious material that can be susceptible to damage. 

Chemicals can strip your emerald of its protective layer, reduce its vibrancy and colour, and cause it to crack or chip. 


Find Your Everyday Emerald

Now that you know wearing an emerald every day is possible, it’s time to find your perfect emerald piece. 

Holloway Diamonds takes pride in its extensive collection of emerald pieces. Don’t take our word for it—schedule an appointment in our Melbourne showroom or online to see for yourself the luxurious elegance that comes with wearing emeralds! 

Be sure to check out our latest post to learn more about the differences between an aquamarine versus an emerald.

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