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Jewellery for Best Friends: Gift Something Truly Meaningful

May 12, 2023

If you are looking for a gift that speaks volumes and demonstrates your love for a special friend, ordering custom-made jewellery online is a superb choice, ensuring you design a piece that is as remarkable and unique as your dearest companion. Our specialist jewellers provide a breadth of choice, with professional expertise at every step of the way. 

We can help you design a stunning customised necklace to signify your journey with your friend or assist with the diamond selection for custom unique engagement rings as the next stop in your love story.

What Makes Bespoke Jewellery Such a Thoughtful Gift?

For most of us, the greatest substance of a gift is the care and thought that has gone into it. Custom jewellery demonstrates your inherent link with a friend, capturing their personality, tastes and importance in your life.

The starting point for many clients is to consider the jewellery your friend wears most often and how their style is reflected in the types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets or bangles they love. Holloway Diamonds offers an inclusive service and can custom-make any pieces you wish, from simple earrings to show-stopping statement pendants and delicate engravings to lavish diamonds and precious gemstones.

The uniqueness of a bespoke item of jewellery makes it so very personal, and everybody can cherish a piece that nobody else in the world owns–because it has been designed, crafted and presented just for them.


Design Inspiration for Customised Jewellery

If you adore the concept of surprising your friend with a striking piece of jewellery, you may wish to incorporate colours, designs or elements that are significant to your friendship, whether based on a joke only you understand or a memory you share. Engravings and etchings can depict initials, dates, times, places, or even star alignments, and a sophisticated engraving concealed under a signet ring or bangle carries a special meaning.

Another approach is to base your jewellery design on colours and shades that match your friend–perhaps a classic, timeless gemstone, a glittering pair of earrings with a rainbow of sparkle, or a gorgeous pendant that matches their eye colour.


Choosing Bespoke Jewellery Pieces to Celebrate a Friendship


The gift of jewellery lasts a lifetime, and our jewellers create pieces that will remain in impeccable condition for the years to come, with inclusive cleaning and maintenance, should their jewellery ever need a little care and attention. Picking the style and type of jewellery is entirely up to you, but you could consider the following:

  • Bespoke necklaces–there are many chains and styles to select from, and you can add features such as a disc, pendant, or ornate clasp.
  • Rings–whether your friend is best suited to a traditional signet ring or a graceful, slim band with a simple stone arrangement, a beautifully made ring is a subtle piece of craftsmanship they can wear every day.
  • Bracelets–a custom-made bracelet is wearable with any outfit and on any occasion, and you might opt for an array of diamonds, stones, or a contemporary cuff bangle.
  • Earrings–if you are looking for a unique pair of earrings, your choices are limitless, from dainty drop earrings to hoops, clusters, or the simplicity of a diamond stud.  


Unsure which item of jewellery your friend is likely to get the most enjoyment from? Our advice is to look at the photos you have together and refresh your memory about what they wear most often!


Tips on Gifting Custom Jewellery

If you don’t tend to wear jewellery yourself, it can be tricky to find inspiration for a custom piece, so we’ve shared some quick tips to help you make confident decisions about the gift that your friend will be delighted to receive.

  • Choose a style or stone your friend will like, rather than basing your design or selections on your personal taste–unless you have a similar style!
  • Larger, opulent stones are a safe bet if your friend loves glamour and the magnificence of expertly set gemstones.
  • Ask her sisters, other close friends, mother, or relatives if you need a little extra input. The thought and care you’re putting into a gift is wonderful to share, and her other loved ones will be sure to help.


Please contact Holloway Diamonds at any time if you would like more support with your custom design, and we will walk you through the process to ensure you–and your friend–are satisfied with the result. 

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