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How Many Years Is a Ruby Anniversary?

April 14, 2023

An anniversary is a symbolic milestone that should be celebrated in a meaningful and unique way. Naturally, the greater the length of time a couple has been together, the more special the occasion should be.

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give the love of your life is a ruby ring, and at Holloway Diamonds, we have some of the most exquisite ruby rings and ruby jewellery available anywhere in the world. Ruby jewellery given as a gift for a ruby anniversary will show the special person in your life that you chose a gift based on the true love and devotion you have for them. 


What Is a Ruby Anniversary?

A ruby anniversary is celebrated after forty years, and is a true milestone of the lasting bond shared between two people. Its significance goes beyond that, however, as it is also a symbol of the companionship and strength that embody a relationship having lasted so long.

Rubies are some of the most precious stones available, and are believed to bring luck and protection to those who wear them. In addition to their beauty and power, rubies were also believed to signify passion, devotion, and warmth. This makes them an apt symbol of a couple’s forty year commitment.


History of the Ruby Stone

So, what does the birthstone ruby mean?

Many beliefs about rubies are believed to have originated from ancient Hindu folklore. According to legend, an old Hindu couple prayed for an enchanted ruby that could stay with them through time, so they would never forget their shared love and experiences through the years. Thus rubies were considered to be associated with passion, endurance, and commitment, and were thought to offer protection and stability to those who held them close, much like love in a lasting marriage.

The fact that rubies are one of the hardest stones is also symbolic of a forty year bond between two people—a true demonstration of enduring love and strength.


What Is the Perfect Ruby Anniversary Celebration?

What is the traditional gift for a fortieth wedding anniversary celebration? Although this is indeed the ruby, there are many gifts that the special person in your life will be delighted to receive as a symbol of the love and devotion you have for one another, from flowers to wine to a romantic trip. We believe, however, that nothing can come close to choosing an exquisite piece of jewellery to celebrate a ruby anniversary, be it a ring, a pendant, or earrings. 

In Summary

The forty year ruby celebration is truly the mark of a strong union between two people, and it should be the cause for celebration and joy. To make it an anniversary you’ll never forget, a ruby ring, a ruby bracelet, or another piece of our handcrafted jewellery highlighting this powerful stone will make it more special than it already is. Talk to the experts at Holloway Diamonds and let us help you find the perfect gift to embody the love shared between you and your partner!

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