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What Does the Birthstone Ruby Mean?

April 16, 2023

A ruby is a beautiful, strong, and vibrant gemstone, making it a perfect birthstone for those born in the month of July. Long associated with passion, strength, and energy, rubies possess many attributes that make them a profound symbol of love. At Holloway Diamonds, we produce some of the world’s finest ruby necklaces, pendants, and earrings—true symbols of love for the most special person in your life.


Significance of Ruby Birthstones

Rubies have a long and varied history. In ancient times, they were believed to protect their wearers from illness and harm. They were also thought to bring courage and good fortune to those who wore them. The deep red colour of the ruby is often associated with love and passion, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and other romantic jewellery. The fiery hue of the ruby is also seen as a representation of courage and bravery, making it a meaningful gift for those who have overcome obstacles or faced difficult challenges.

Given these attributes, ruby birthstones are a popular choice when it comes to jewellery and gifts for anniversaries. Anybody lucky enough to wear jewellery crafted with a ruby birthstone will display confidence and style.


Types of Ruby Birthstone Jewellery

The ruby is a rare gem, and the deep, intense colour of a red ruby symbolises love, passion, and courage. Many believe that wearing a ruby will give you strength and protection to accompany you throughout your life. 


Ruby Rings

Ruby rings are a beautiful and elegant choice. A ruby gemstone alone or in combination with other luxurious gemstones allows the wearer to be reminded of the unique love they share with someone special in their life. Our designs ensure these stunning stones are at the centre of our jewellery.



A pendant featuring a ruby centre stone is glamorous but understated, perfect for any occasion. They can be worn on the outside of your clothing if you want to share the beauty of these gemstones, or they can be kept concealed in such a way as to give the wearer a personal confidence, having the ruby close to their heart at all times.



Earrings featuring ruby birthstone gems are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any outfit. Our ruby earrings provide sophisticated, stunning designs which will make you feel a million dollars.


How to Choose the Perfect Ruby Birthstone Jewelry


Stone Quality

Choose a ruby of high quality, giving it a rich red hue and a sparkling appearance. When in doubt, always get the opinion of an expert jeweller.


Cut and Shape

Rubies can be cut into a variety of shapes, including round, oval, pear, and cushion. Consider which shape best suits your personal style and preferences. The cut of a ruby should also be well-proportioned with even facets that reflect light beautifully.



Consider whether you prefer a classic, timeless setting or a more modern, unique design. Make sure that the setting is designed according to your needs and is high quality so as to protect the ruby and elevate the appearance of this beautiful gemstone.



Rubies can vary widely in price, depending on their quality and size. Be mindful of how much you’d like to spend, and make sure you choose a combination of the above factors which doesn’t exceed your budget.


Final Thoughts

A ruby is one of the most exquisite gifts you can give somebody special in your life. Possessing deep meaning rooted in ancient beliefs, it’s a stone which not only exudes elegance and style, but whose deep red colour signifies passion and vitality.

Contact our team at Holloway diamonds to assist you in finding the perfect ruby jewellery for you, from rubies to green sapphire and emerald.

If you want to learn more about ruby jewellery, be sure to check out our post on how many years a ruby anniversary is.

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