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How Rare Are Diamonds?

March 02, 2023

Diamonds have always been a highly desirable gemstone, having been traded as early as the year 4 BC, and owing to their rarity, they have long been highly valued. 

Not all stones are the same, though, and deciding how to value a pink diamond might be very different from valuing a white diamond. Should you buy a pink diamond necklace or a bracelet adorned with white diamonds? Which is rarer, and why? Knowing how to confidently answer the question of how rare diamonds are will help you to understand why they are so valuable and why they remain one of the most exquisite gemstones in the world today.

The Result of an Incredible Natural Process

One of the first things to take into account is that the number of diamonds on our planet is finite. While technology exists to create diamonds in labs, experts expect that lab-grown diamonds will decrease in value over time as the number of these diamonds in the market continues to grow. 

As for mined diamonds, a limited source is available and mining must innovate in order to gain access to more of the earth’s diamond supply. For this reason, diamonds become rarer by the day. The intense volcanic activity that took place over three billion years ago when the earth was formed created pressures under the earth’s surface that produced diamonds, and such a process will never occur again.

A Stone With an Extraordinarily High Strength Index

The physical composition of a diamond means they have a hardness rating of ten (out of ten). As a result, they are sought after for their rarity in terms of strength and durability, and the cutting of a diamond requires incredible skill and precision by a well-trained and experienced expert.

Rarity Varies Amongst Different Diamonds

White diamonds are the most common diamonds that exist, and therefore, their rarity cannot be compared with that of yellow, blue, pink, or red diamonds. Conservative estimates have suggested that perhaps no more than thirty red diamonds exist in the world today. Pink diamonds have a range of colours, which are then categorised by their intensity. If the diamond has a high level of intensity and is in the most unique colour range, it’s very rare.

It’s also important to remember that though many diamonds are being mined, only a tiny fraction of them are of the quality required to be classed as gemstone and sold to jewellers. Poorer quality diamonds are very often discarded during the process of mining and extraction. 

In Conclusion

Diamonds of any colour are indeed rare, which is why diamonds tend to be so expensive. However, due to their growing rarity, natural diamonds will appreciate over time, making them a fantastic investment for any jewellery owner. 

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