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Can a Man Wear an Eternity Ring?

March 05, 2023

The eternity band ring is a lovely piece of jewellery that marks the unconditional love and commitment between two people. But which finger is an eternity ring worn on, and when do you get an eternity ring?

In short, a man can absolutely wear an eternity ring. There is no specific set of rules that need to be followed when it comes to wearing eternity rings, and there is definitely no rule stating that a man may not wear one. 

The decision to wear an eternity ring is a personal one and one that must be decided by the parties involved. If a man wants to wear an eternity ring, he absolutely can. Before he does, however, it would be ideal for the couple to discuss the significance behind the eternity ring and what it will mean for them.

About Eternity Rings

The eternity ring, sometimes referred to as an ‘infinity ring’ or a ‘promise ring,’ is a symbol of the undying promise between two people. It is often worn on the ring finger alongside the engagement ring and the wedding band. Like most traditions in our society, it has modernised. Unlike an engagement ring or a wedding band, an eternity ring can be used to mark the celebration of various types of occasions–this was not always the case.

Traditionally, an eternity band ring was gifted on either the 10th or the 60th anniversary of marriage as a continued promise to love and care for one another. Nowadays, there is no set of rules. Some couples give each other eternity rings after their first full year of marriage as a celebratory keepsake. Others might choose to wear eternity bands to mark the celebration of their firstborn child or other major relationship milestones.

This might be a surprise, but the eternity ring has also increased in popularity amongst younger couples. Today, couples not yet engaged might give each other eternity rings as a promise of a future marriage. 

The Meaning Behind the Eternity Ring

As you know by now, an eternity ring is a symbol of eternal love and commitment to care for one another, but it can also be a keepsake of an important milestone in your relationship.

While it might be ideal to pinpoint the significance behind the eternity ring, there are no fixed rules. If you simply want to give your partner an eternity ring or wear one yourself to remind them of your unwavering love and dedication, that is an absolutely perfect reason to do so.

Your Perfect Eternity Ring 

Once you have decided on what it is you wish to celebrate with your eternity ring, it is time to consider what you want your eternity ring to look like. Do you want an eternity ring that is simple, or more ornate? Do you want it to have diamonds or stones? What kind of material do you want the band to be made out of? The list of questions is endless, but these are all questions to keep in mind as you find your perfect eternity ring. After all, a ring should still suit your style and personality.

Find Your Perfect Eternity Ring at Holloway Diamonds

Holloway Diamonds takes pride in finding and creating your dream eternity band. Whether you want an eternity ring made out of precious stone, diamond, white gold, or pure gold, know that you can rely on us when you are ready to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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