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How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch

July 04, 2022

How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch

Thanks to the fact that tennis bracelets are one of the most stylish accessories available, they are popular with people of all ages and are also one of the most practical pieces of jewellery.

Although tennis bracelets look beautiful when worn by themselves, they look equally stunning when you layer them with other accessories. Wearing a tennis bracelet and a watch is an incredible way to add flair to your outfit. Choose whatever style of watch you like, as long it matches the design of your tennis bracelet. For example, if your look is formal and reserved, you shouldn’t combine an expensive diamond tennis bracelet with an athletic-style watch. Whether you’re buying a diamond bracelet in Australia or elsewhere, there are some things you need to consider when wearing a tennis bracelet with a watch. 

What To Consider When Wearing a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch

Did you buy a new wristwatch and are unsure how to wear it with your favourite tennis bracelet? No problem! This section will guide you on what to consider when wearing a tennis bracelet with a watch. If you want to learn more about what tennis bracelets are, or how many carats a tennis bracelet should be, check out our latest article.

Take a Bold Approach or Keep Things Simple

Colour is a crucial aspect when wearing a tennis bracelet with a wristwatch–the colours of each accessory should complement the other. The same rule applies to other jewellery, including rings or earrings. Stacking jewellery and accessories can be daunting, and if you’re just a beginner, picking a colour-consistent stack is a safe option. However, if you’re comfortable combining styles and colours, you can take a bold approach and opt for colours that stand out. 

Right Arm, Left Arm, Same Arm

If you want to wear just one bracelet, wear your watch on the other hand for a symmetrical look. This concept is known as “visual weight.” It entails considering your hands as two sides of a scale and ensuring neither wrist is heavier than the other when accessorising. However, if you’re considering wearing many bracelets, consider slipping your wristwatch beside them to create a balanced look. 

Further, make sure your tennis bracelet isn’t too loose. Choose a tennis bracelet that fits perfectly around your wrist and hangs perfectly below or above your watch. 

Match the Sizes of Your Watch and Tennis Bracelet

Avoid wearing an enormous watch on the same wrist as your tennis bracelet, and don’t let your tennis bracelet and watch be of the same width. Again, it’s all about visual weight—a bulkier watch necessitates a wider tennis bracelet.

Mix Materials

Although layering with other accessories like a wristwatch is a fantastic way of styling a tennis bracelet, avoid mixing metals. Diamonds can damage your other jewellery pieces, and the metal bands may get scratched. If you want to wear your tennis bracelet with your wristwatch, consider wearing a wristwatch made of leather or a material different from the bracelet to avoid damaging either piece.

The type of wristwatch you decide to wear with a tennis bracelet is a personal choice, but consider which watch will compliment your style. For an everyday, effortless look, choose a simple wristwatch with a plain clock face instead of a fancy designer watch that could distract from your diamond bracelet. 

Final Thoughts

If you love tennis bracelets, you’ll be delighted to know that these bracelets are easy to wear with watches, no matter what type of material the watch or bracelet is made of. Regardless of the material and style of your bracelet and watch, diamond tennis bracelets can be a great investment and can easily be worn daily.

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