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The Best Place to Get an Engagement Ring

August 02, 2022

These days, there are many places to buy an engagement ring. You can go to a boutique and buy one out of the display, shop online and have it delivered to your doorstep, or consult a jeweller and get a piece custom made. It’s important to carefully choose the business and the jeweller you’ll use to ensure you find the perfect engagement ring to symbolise the future with your soon-to-be partner-for-life.

Where to Get an Engagement Ring in Australia

Whether you’re looking for simple gem engagement rings, emerald-cut diamond engagement rings, or wondering if diamond rings are only for engagements, there are many places that will help you in your search.

Brand Shops

Several international jewellery brands have set up shop in Australia. Because they are established and respected, shopping with them is convenient–but their prices often come at a premium.

Boutique Jewellers

Boutique jewellers are a great source of engagement rings because they often have curated selections and can craft one-of-a-kind, bespoke pieces. Local shops like Holloway Diamonds are often preferable, as they’re attuned to the landscape and can make the experience more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Online Retailers

In today’s world, you no longer have to go to a shop to pick out a ring. You can simply peruse online catalogues, add a ring to your shopping cart, and wait for it to be delivered. This option is convenient and offers a wider selection, but it robs you of the benefits that come with physically selecting your jewellery. You also have to be careful when buying from online retailers to ensure that you’re getting quality pieces.

What to Look For in a Jeweller

Here are some key traits to look for in a jeweller:


An engagement ring can be a major investment, so it’s important to find a jeweller that has a good track record of delivering what is agreed upon–so be sure to check customer reviews, if they’re available.


There is a lot of information to consider when buying an engagement ring. It’s important to find a jeweller with expert knowledge about each aspect of the jewellery so that they can help you better navigate your choices.


You want to have a rapport with your jeweller, because you’ll be working closely with them until you get the perfect ring for your partner. Look for someone you’re comfortable with—someone who understands what you want and can help meet your needs.

Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Do Your Research

Read up on all the factors that affect diamonds and engagement rings. Familiarise yourself with the four Cs, settings, and precious metals before you visit a jeweller–this will help you form an idea of what sort of ring best fits your needs.

Set a Budget

People proposing for the first time often ask, “How much do I spend on an engagement ring?” The truth is, there’s no right answer—you can spend less than $1000 or more than $50,000. What’s important is that you spend within your means and choose a ring that best symbolises your relationship. Set a limit based on what you’re comfortable spending and stay within those bounds.

Know That You Have More Options Than You Think

Your choices are never limited to what’s on the screen or what’s in the display cases. There are limitless options, including handmade pieces designed specifically for you. 

The Best Place to Get an Engagement Ring in Australia

The best place to get an engagement ring is a shop where you can explore your options with the guidance of expert jewellers you can trust. Holloway Diamonds ticks off all these boxes and can help you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Request an appointment today to get started.

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