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What Is Reworked Jewellery?

February 08, 2023

If you are anything like us, chances are you love jewellery. Whether it is a statement piece, a dainty gold necklace, spectacular earrings, a fine gold anklet, or a jaw-dropping diamond ring, there is something incredibly special about high-quality jewellery pieces. 

As a standalone, a quality piece of jewellery can serve as an eye-catching accessory that has the power to make the wearer feel special. It can make a passerby stop and notice enough to offer an unsolicited compliment. The right jewellery also has the ability to amplify almost any wardrobe. 

Perhaps you have been trying to find custom-made jewellery near you, but haven’t taken the leap yet. A great option is reworked jewellery–jewellery that has been reworked from an old piece to create something entirely new. 

Reworked Jewellery Explained

You have most likely seen reworked jewellery at some point or another. An example is a luxurious charm that has been removed from a bracelet and made into a necklace, or the use of gemstones from one engagement ring to create another. 

Many people will be handed down an heirloom piece of jewellery and aren’t sure what to do with it as it may be outdated or not aligned with their personal style. This is where reworking comes in!

Reworking a piece of jewellery can amplify and update the original version or create something completely new out of something old. This technique is becoming increasingly popular and proving to produce stylish and unique types of jewellery–the act of taking something that can be labelled ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’ and making it into something new, unique, and modern yields a multitude of benefits.

What Are the Advantages of Reworked Jewellery?

It goes without saying that jewellery can be very costly, so much so that many people cannot afford to buy their dream piece. This is part of the appeal of reworked jewellery–the use of older items to create new jewellery makes it more accessible and more affordable, which allows more individuals to create the perfect piece of jewellery without having to break the bank.

Another incredible bonus of reworked jewellery is sustainability. While these pieces are new to the wearer, there is no need for additional material to go into the creation. This type of recycling and reusing reduces the impacts often associated with mining for gems and overall fashion production.

Whether you are wanting to revamp an old bracelet charm into a stunning pendant, reuse a vintage engagement ring stone to create an entirely new ring, or even repurpose an antique brooch into a statement necklace, the experts at Holloway Diamonds are ready to help make your reworked jewellery dream a reality. We’ll lay out your options when it comes to resetting, replacing, or recreating aspects of a piece of jewellery to create something entirely new and unique!

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