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Diamond Prices in Australia: Exploring 8 Factors Influencing Holloway Diamonds’ Pricing

April 02, 2024

Diamond Prices in Australia: Exploring 8 Factors Influencing Holloway Diamonds’ Pricing

Diamond prices are influenced by various technical factors, shaping the cost of each stone. At Holloway Diamonds, we simplify diamond selection by clearly explaining the factors that affect our pricing compared to other jewellers. Let’s explore 8 key areas including diamond cut quality, transparency, and clarity, shedding light on these technical aspects. These factors distinguish Holloway Diamonds as a symbol of excellence and value. The below information can be found in detail in the LEARN section of our website 

1. Cut Quality: The Key to Brilliance

At Holloway Diamonds, cut quality is crucial for maximizing brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Our gemmologists use advanced tools like Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) for round diamonds, Ideal-Scope for cut precision, and Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) for fancy-shaped stones. These tools help us reject 95 out of 100 diamonds, even those with top-cut quality from GIA. This dedication requires patience and expertise.

2. GIA Certification: A Mark of Authenticity

Every diamond over 0.5 carat from Holloway Diamonds comes with Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) certification, ensuring its natural origin.

3. Diamond Transparency: Enhancing Beauty

Transparency is a lesser-known factor that affects gem brilliance. By scrutinizing each diamond’s transparency using our tools, we ensure only the clearest specimens adorn our collections. This transparency enhances the inherent beauty of each diamond, building trust among our clientele over 50 years.

4. Eye Clean Clarity: Ensuring Perfection

We curate eye-clean diamonds free from visible inclusions, leveraging expertise to assess inclusion size and visibility. This ensures optimal clarity and brilliance, offering diamonds indistinguishable from Flawless ones at a lower cost.

5. Highest Colour: Radiating Elegance

Holloway Diamonds adheres to strict standards, offering diamonds with the highest colour grades. Round diamonds below two carats range from D to H, while those above 2 carats are G or better. Fancy shapes are typically D to F, maintaining color excellence.

6. Affordability Through Innovation

Despite our commitment to quality, we innovate to make luxury accessible. Our blue fluorescent diamonds offer affordability without compromising quality, enhancing perceived color grade and brilliance.

7. Eye-Clean SI1 and SI2 Diamonds: Precision Redefined

We meticulously assess diamond clarity, selecting SI1 and SI2 grades that remain eye-clean. This empowers clients with substantial savings without sacrificing quality.

8. Oversizes: Maximizing Value

Our oversize diamonds offer a significant price advantage compared to larger counterparts, providing luxury at a lower cost per carat.

In essence, Holloway Diamonds’ pricing transcends monetary value, reflecting technical expertise, innovation, and dedication to excellence. Each gemstone embodies beauty and sophistication, inviting discerning connoisseurs on a journey of timeless elegance.

Key Questions and Answers

Q: What are the specific benefits or drawbacks of blue fluorescent diamonds compared to non-fluorescent ones, especially regarding their long-term value and potential impact on resale?

A: Blue fluorescent diamonds offer a unique allure due to their distinctive glow under ultraviolet light. However, readers might wonder about the long-term implications of this feature, such as how it affects the diamond’s value over time and whether it might impact the resale value compared to non-fluorescent diamonds. Speak with a diamond specialist at Holloway Diamonds who will explain the long term benefits to you.

Q: How does the pricing structure for oversize diamonds work in comparison to standard carat weights, and are there specific guidelines or considerations customers should keep in mind when opting for an oversize diamond?

A: Regarding oversize diamonds, you may want to understand the pricing structure in detail. Specifically, they might seek clarification on how the cost of oversize diamonds compares to standard carat weights and whether there are any specific guidelines or considerations to keep in mind when choosing an oversized diamond, such as potential trade-offs in terms of brilliance or other quality factors.

Q: Could you elaborate on the technical innovations that contribute to making luxury more accessible? For example, are there specific advancements in diamond-cutting techniques, sourcing methods, or other innovations that contribute to this accessibility without compromising quality?

A: Lastly, you may be curious about the technical innovations that contribute to making luxury more accessible at Holloway Diamonds. Speak with a diamond specialist at Holloway Diamonds to understand this in more detail.

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